Reading for a Healthy Planet: Inspiring Children’s Books to Help Achieve a Sustainable Future

Children's books about sustainability serve as a powerful tool to introduce global issues to young audiences, inspiring them to become active participants in creating a sustainable future. This session, composed of publishers, scientists, authors, and international advocates will look at how children’s books can help convey complex ideas about the impact of our actions on the environment and empower kids to start making a difference in their communities from an early age. The panel discussion is complemented by an exhibition of some of the best environmentally themed children's books from all over the world (HALL 30). This event is in support of the Sustainable Development Goals, a framework for a better future for all by the United Nations. Inspired by the SDG Book Club, a collaboration of the United Nations, the International Publishers Association, the Bologna Children's Book Fair, the European & International Booksellers Federation, the International Board on Books for Young People, the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions.