BCBF 2024, the exhibitions at the Services Centre, a beating heart of the Fair

The Services Centre is like a heart at the 61st edition of the Bologna Children’s Book Fair – one of many. It is the venue, in fact, for the Illustrators Exhibition, which saw works by 3520 illustrators submitted for the 2024 edition. A total of 17,600 illustrations were sent in from 81 countries and regions of the world. 78 sets were selected, the work of the same number of artists, hailing from 32 countries and regions. The Services Centre is also hosting the Exhibition of Country Guest of Honour Slovenia, showcasing the work of 44 artists of domestic and international renown, together with other selected contributors, forming a catalogue of 59 exponents of contemporary Slovenian illustration. There is also space for the solo exhibitions of Paloma Valdivia, Andrea Antinori and Mauro Evangelista as well as the corner showing the development of the 2024 BCBF visual identity. Finally, taking pride of place is the Illustrators Wall, where thousands of aspiring illustrators leave their drawings.