BCBF 2023 -The Bookseller Lounge and Children's Laureate: Elena Pasoli's story

Bologna Children’s Book Fair is the place where children’s booksellers from across the globe come to discover the latest trends in illustration and literature for young readers. It is also the place where they catch up with colleagues to share professional experiences and network. The bookseller lounge is the vibrant hub for the exchange of challenges and good practices for today’s bookshops. Here a collection of eminent children’s book authors and illustrators have gathered this year. Hosted by the BCBF, Laureates from 7 countries are part of the 2023 programme. The International Laureates Summit, that takes place again at BCBF, continues the tradition of bringing together a growing number of Laureates and Reading Ambassadors from around the world. Each country has its own unique focus but all are united in their goal to encourage all children to read. The Summit is an opportunity for Laureates and their support organisations to discuss reading promotion in their respective countries and to share their work and their future plans. Children's Laureate is organized in partnership with: alir, Children's Laureate Italy, accademia drosselmeier