BCBF Global Rights Exchange

Welcome to the newly updated Bologna Children’s Book Fair Global Rights Exchange

Powered by the international rights platform PubMatch, the GRE is the BCBF virtual market place dedicated exclusively to the international rights, distribution and licensing of content.
The GRE is open only to Publishers, Agents, Literary Agencies, Scouts, Licensees, Licensors, Developers, Licensing Agencies, Audiovisual Producers, Promotion and Services.

Continuing with the success of the first edition of the BCBF Global Rights Exchange which is dedicated exclusively to the international rights, distribution and licensing of content, BCBF will continue the GRE for 2021 with a number of improvements and enhancements to the platform which will be free to the end of 2021. Some of these new features include:

Translatable Chats: Now all registered exhibitors and visitors have the ability to chat with one another in their own language. Group chats are also available.

Instant Video Meetings: While chatting with other visitors and exhibitors, you can instantly click a button to go into a video chat without having to schedule a Zoom type video meeting. Screen sharing is also available within the video chat.

Exhibitor Meeting Invitations: Every GRE exhibitor will receive unlimited passes to invite other publishers and agents not presently on the GRE for meetings and to use the GRE through the end of 2021.

NEW - The Bologna Licensing Trade Fair. The BLTF will include search criteria for licensing specific types of brands, age levels and much more.


If you registered with the GRE last year, you simply need to confirm your registration.
Go to www.globalrightsexchange.com. Click on SIGN IN and use last year’s credentials to access the platform (click on the “forgotten password” button if you no longer have them to hand), then generate a new access password. Please note that after this initial access, last year's credentials will no longer be valid.


If you wish to register with the GRE for the first time go to www.globalrightsexchange.com
Once inside click on REGISTER NOW, complete the fields and generate the access password. The BCBF Secretariat will review all new registrations. You will receive a confirmation e-mail with a link to your dashboard enabling you to start using the GRE platform.

A support service is available for any queries or problems at: info@globalrightsexchange.com

Preview the BCBF-BLTF Global Rights Exchange Up Close

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