How to Self-Publish in Italy

Whilst publishing may seem straightforward enough, publishing successfully and making money takes a lot of skill, effort and knowledge. And there are many more avenues to getting published than ever before. But which is the best publishing path for you?

We’ve put together this half day event to save you time in getting up to speed on the knowledge to find the best route for your work, and how to promote and sell it successfully.  Creating your book may have seemed like the biggest challenge; however, the route you choose to get it into readers’ hands demands equal time and effort.

The conference was led by speakers from across the globe, looking at the Italian market and beyond, with impressive experience in publishing, marketing and selling. 

Topics covered:

  • Insights on the Italian self-publishing scene
  • UK self-publishing overview   
  • Publishing options and how to get started
  • Understanding the process: from platforms to readers, editorial and design, to distribution and sales
  • Reaching your audience: marketing, promotion, networking, or your next publisher
  • Copyright and contracts:  know what you own, and how to maximise it