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Dettaglio espositore

Sbabam Srl


Gicomo Auletta (sales manager)

Riccardo Cosenza (Sales Manager)

Emanuele Fedeli (Head of Global Sales and Business Development)


COMPANY PROFILE SBABAM #Sbabam promotes positive changes in the name of fun all together, fantasy and joy. Changing the world of today and the future for the better is possible: just never stop playing! The brand is dedicated to the conception, design and marketing on newsstands and in the large distribution of accessories, games and also fun, colorful, simple, social, beautiful and trendy items. #Sbabam was born as a detachment of Tema Promotional Gifts srl and is structured in a team of creative and dynamic professionals, ready at any time to find and develop ideas. A group of professionals in the creation and distribution of personalized communication objects and publishing products at an international level. In Italy and abroad we transmit the pleasure of being together and imagining, the desire to have fun and smile in good company, the opportunity to grow and improve for oneself and for others. With the same approach, we also embraced the world of licensing. #Sbabam is a dream, three words, a simple question: do we play to change? Experience and enthusiasm, creativity and passion. We want to bring little explorers into a timeless and ever-present universe, to be touched by hand: sparkling colors and surprising people, fun and knowledge, friendship and hope. We want to leave for a journey outside and inside the networks, where the screen of a mobile phone or a computer is not the only observation point in the world and there is still space to experience happiness together, the taste of knowing yourself and the pleasure to smile face to face. Your favorite room at home, the city park or the school yard. In the morning, in the afternoon or before going to sleep. Alone, with family or friends. Every daily situation can become playful and fun if you are tuned into #sbabam. Turn every occasion into your magical moment to change, create your stories and express your style. Take the brush and start to change reality: imagination, smiles and company are enough! This is playing for change. Yesterday, today, tomorrow: this is #sbabam! Playing for Change SBABAM VISION SBABAM's goal is to establish itself in Italy and Europe not only in newsagent markets, but in all distribution channels such as department stores, stationery stores and toy stores. It may seem ambitious, but we are used to making our little customers' dreams come true and for this we work to make our dream concrete. In these years we have shown that we can do it, taking and setting the first steps of this SBABAM MISSION The SBABAM brand was launched in Europe in 2014 with the aim of surprising, amusing and involving children and their families in a unique experience AMAZING Sbabam transforms the unlimited creativity of its team into new toys, positioning itself as one of the most innovative brands in toys related to publishing products. FUNNY Our global experience, sensitivity towards children and attention to safety help Sbabam to create safe and fun toys for everyone. ADDICTIVE Sbabam produces toys but also entire worlds where children are free to explore, learn, play and have unique experiences, immersing themselves with their imagination. SBABAM TODAY SBABAM was born only a few years ago, but thanks to its constant growth, today it already produces several products that spread every year throughout the country and beyond: in Spain, Germany and France. Despite such an increase, Sbabam is a brand always looking for new ideas, new partners and new collaborations to try to leave no stone unturned for our little readers. Therefore, partnerships with major publishers, issuers, producers or license managers around the world have already been signed or are about to be closed.

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