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Brief Introduction of China Welfare Institute Publishing House The CWI (China Welfare Institute) Publishing House makes efforts to create an integrated and excellent culture press providing all-round knowledge-based services, it encompasses Children's book publishing, newspaper publishing, out-of-schooleducation and training, books and periodicals reading promotion. In recent years, with President Soong Ching Ling’s thought of “Give the Most Precious to Children” as its publishing core and with adherence to original Chinese works ,the CWI Publishing House has founded “Children’s Epoch Publishing Center on Illustrated Originals”. With outstanding works continuously launched, the CWI Publishing House has been honoured with prizes such as “Chinese Excellent Publication Nomination Award” and “Feng Zikai Award for Children’s Picture Books”, it now has its IP of “Children’s EpochIllustrated Originals” exported to mainstream markets acrossEurope and America.Meanwhile, a proliferation of graceful books with various forms have appealed to general readers, including readings on children’s education, such as “Soong Ching Ling’s Thoughts and Practices on Children’s Education” series, “Scientific Parenting Guide” series and “Establish a High-Quality Pre-School Education” series, readings on children’s literature, such as “Learn Chinese from Fairy Tales” series, “The Educational and Entertaining Fairy Tales of Famous Writers”, “To Childhood” series, “Masterpiece Collections” series, “An Encounter with Amazing Chinese” series, “OKIDO Art Science Museum” series, “PatrioticRed Adventure Tour” series and “I am Chinese” series, readings on science knowledge popularization for children, such as “Guess from Head to Tail” series and “Children's Science Encyclopedia” series, readings presented in large type editions, such as "The Best Gift for Mom and Dad" series. Several magazinesat several times are selected by “100NewspapersandPeriodicalsRecommended for Teenagers and Children Nationwide”, including “Children’s Epoch Magazine”, “Haha Pictorial Magazine” and “Activities of YoungPioneers Magazine”.

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