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Editora Biruta


Editora Biruta is a Brazilian publishing house of children’s books. We value literary quality, beautiful illustrations and audacious graphic projects. Gaivota is an imprint from Editora Biruta established in 2011. We believe the best way to show appreciation for those we would like to have as readers is by enriching our publishing catalog with high quality authors. Our catalogue already has vast options of rich texts contributing to the formation of our readers. Beautiful illustrations are means to stimulate their cognitive development and expand the dialogue between image and words through colors, images, and shapes. Daring graphic projects complete the triad: it’s a motivation for children to become complete literate readers, capable of seeing the different facets of books. By offering space to the readers in order to develop their intelligence and emotions, we contribute with the best we can to a fulfilling life in society.


(21-111) Romanzi (21-113) Albi illustrati (21-114) Poesia (21-119) Libri senza parole

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