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Akinomé is an independent publishing house founded in 2016, for which travel and ecology are pillars. The publishing house specialized in travel diaries from the outset, giving a voice to writers and traveling artists. Their books are always related to ecology. Travel diaries, cookbooks or children's stories, all bear witness to their commitment to a better world, such as denouncing the harmful effects of deforestation, the depletion of resources or making the right food choices. They believe that the transmission of their humanistic and ecological values should also be communicated to the little ones by publishing fun and educational travel diaries, atlases, but also picture books. Akinomé means “bud of Autumn” in Japanese. Akin to an Autumn tree, the publisher is surrounded by authors for its roots, and of collections for its branches. Then, readers only have to extend a hand to grab the fruits, i.e. books.


(B) Early readers (C) Middle grade

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