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Akiara Books


AKIARA books was born in Barcelona in February 2018. All of our books are published simultaneously in Spanish, Catalan, and Portuguese, and they have been translated into more than 15 languages. The name “AKIARA” plays with the expression ‘here and now’ (‘aquí i ara’ in Catalan), and with the Japanese name Akira ?, meaning ‘bright’. We publish beautifully illustrated books, all of which are self-produced. With inspiring texts and illustrations, we want to kindle children’s and teenagers’ sense of wonder, while at the same time encouraging the art of reading, thinking, debating, contemplating, and getting to know oneself. We have several collections: classic album format, silent books, non-fiction books, specially printed poetry books for children, fiction books for teenagers, and inspirational speeches for young adults. We work with sustainability criteria, minimizing the use of plastics and the environmental impact. We print locally and on paper either recycled or from sustainably certified sources.


Arte Biografie Diversità e integrazione Fantasy Filosofia Narrativa Politica e scienze sociali Psicologia Scienza e natura


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