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Changbi Publishers, Inc.


Ally Bang (Rights Manager)


Changbi Publishers, Inc. is a publisher that represents the critical intellect and culture of South Korea. Since its foundation of the Quarterly Changbi (Creation and Criticism) in 1996 and the first publication of independent volumes in 1974, it has produced outstanding works spanning fields from literature to the humanities, social sciences, and juvenile literature. Changbi has published over 3,300 titles and continues to publish works by both Korean authors and foreign writers in translation, thus maintaining its fame as the publishing house most trusted by South Korean readers. In addition, Changbi has given an impetus to its already flourishing publication of books for children and young adults, thus discovering and publicizing abroad talented South Korean picture book authors. Reflecting changes in society, Changbi also continues to publish works by young writers with new sensibilities and mainstream writers with international renown, thereby securing reader's unceasing love. In the 21st century, which is an age of knowleadge, information, and culture, Chnagbi will steadfastly stand by readers as a treasure house of wisdom that will open up new paths by keeping abreast of the latest intellectual and cultural trends around the globe.


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