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was founded in 2012 as a limited liability company. It is one of the first companies to be established in the awake of the Revolution of 25 January 2011. Since its inception, Noon was keen:i) To attract talented young authors in various cultural aspects;ii) To create new opportunities for such creative younger generations in different areas of culture and literature; andiii) To pay attention to the needs of Egyptian and Arab intellectuals and the transfer of other cultures through translation and publication for the Egyptian and Arab markets. We have many foreign literary books translated into the Arabic language from British English, American English, Swedish, Turkish, Dutch, French, Slovenian, Indonesian and Serbian. Our goal now is to expand all over the world and add more foreign languages and publications to our list besides sending our publications to different areas of the world.One of the company’s interests is childcare in terms of psychology and education. The topics are in acute shortage in the Arab library.


Biografie Crimine, thriller e misteri Fantascienza Fantasy Horror Narrativa Saggistica Storia