International Kids Licensing Days: The Metaverse for kids and young adults. How its development is impacting the Licensing market

The event is curated by BCBF and BLTF/Kids in partnership with Licensing Magazine

The Metaverse and NFTs: what are they and what opportunities do they offer? After providing an overview of the Metaverse and its development, the meeting facilitators - international sector experts - will take a close look at the development opportunities it offers the kids and young adult market.


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Event description

Now a familiar term, the Metaverse is the new “virtual experience” frontier as brands and licensors increasingly realize they must be part of this “new world”. How can the kids target interact with the Metaverse? And what are NFTs? Are they appropriate to the world of young children and teens? What are the real development features and opportunities in terms of managing intellectual property? These are some of the questions sector players will look at to help give participants a clear understanding of this new frontier of content and licensing for kids and teens.

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The Conference is introduced and moderated by Cristina Angelucci, Editor-in-Chief, Licensing Magazine, Italy

Opening Keynote Interview – The Metaverse for Kids and Young Adults. How its Development is Impacting the Licensing Market

A look at how the Metaverse is influencing kids’ content. What’s special about the virtual evolution   of kids’ content? A broad introductory overview by one of the world’s top international children’s content experts.

David Kleeman, SVP Global Trends, Dubit Limited

How to build a Metaverse and how to make brands dialogue in this virtual space

What is the Metaverse? How does it work? What are the implications, opportunities and digital development trends for a brand taking on a second life in the Metaverse? What sort of dissemination does the Metaverse have among the different generations? Together with sector specialists, we will try and answer some of these questions.

Neil Haldar, VP of Publishing, Streamline Mediagroup, USA
Emma Chiu, Global Director, Wunderman Thompson Intelligence, USA

Digital Consumer Behaviour of Children and their Families

The Insights Family, an international research firm specializing in digital consumer behaviour among children and households, will provide an insightful look at digital consumer trends among children and their families in the era of virtual reality and the metaverse.

Matt Smith, Insights Manager, The Insights Family, UK

Brands Best Practices

Brands and properties are increasingly adopting a two-fold digital dimension, especially with NFT (Non-Fungible Token)-based projects. This session will examine the most recent initiatives developed by international licensing players.

Anna Campistol, Head of Digital Business, DeAPlaneta Entertainment

Andrea Ziella, Head of Marketing and Digital Mattel Italy, Italia

Closing Address. The Metaverse for Kids. The Kartoon Channel Case!

This spring will see one of the most popular kids’ and teens’ OTT platforms rollout a new form of entertainment: the Kartoon Channel! Kidaverse, a real revolution in content for children and young adults that has evolved the traditional cartoon into an immersive metaversal experience for the young. Is this how Kids Entertainment will develop? We’ll be talking with people directly involved with this new platform.

Jon Ollwerther, President, Kartoon Channel! & EVP, Business Development, Genius Brands International

Wrap up


Exclusive pre-recorded special video content are available in the Reserved Area.

NFTs and their implications for intellectual-property protection

What are the legal implications of NFTs when it comes to intellectual-property protection and contractual agreements covering a brand’s digital development? After a short introduction on general legal issues around NFTs, the speaker will deal with questions like the risk of counterfeit and the legal management of brand digital development.

Francesca Perri, Partner, Tonucci & Partners



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