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Comics and graphic novels are one of publishing’s fastest growing markets, and BCBF has dedicated a special Comics Corner to this thriving sector: a dedicated exhibition area with showcases and meeting tables available to publishers. In 2023, Comics Corner welcomed more than 40 comic book publishers and country collectives from 14 countries and regions.

The Corner is designed to offer both BCBF Exhibitors – who will be offered special prices – and publishers not exhibiting at the trade show, their own space in this area exclusively dedicated to comic books. BCBF’s spotlight on comics will also include a broad raft of events, one of which is the BolognaRagazzi Comics Award, and there will be  meetings looking at the comic-book publishing internationally. Among the partners Lucca Comics & Games.

Comic books also have a special section on the Global Rights Exchange, BCBF’s digital copyright trading platform.

BolognaRagazzi Awards - Comics:

BCBF’s spotlight on comics will also include a broad raft of events, one of which is the BolognaRagazzi Comics Award, and there will be meetings looking at the comic book publishing internationally.
Among the topics of last year: webtoon, manga, young adult comics and comic magazines for childrens. What’s next?


From the success of Webtoons, which are expanding well beyond the borders of the Asian continent alone, with numbers unthinkable for traditional publishing to the extent that they are now the new frontier of comics, to manga as a recent global publishing phenomenon also on a commercial level, passing through the opportunities offered by comics for the YA segment and comic magazines for children, useful tools for helping children approach reading and learning. Publishers from all over the world discussed their respective experiences, while meetings continued at BCBF to explore the particularities and potential of one of the segments of the publishing market that has grown the most in recent years. Participants will include: Lara Allen (Wattpad WEBTOON Studios, USA); Kuo-Yu Liang (Ku Worldwide, USA); Serge Ewenczyk (Éditions ça et là, France); Marie-France Lombardo (Edition Moderne, Germany); Kevin R. Harmic (VIZ Media, USA); Julie Staebler, (Biscoto Éditions, France); Ferdinand Lutz (POLLE-Péridot, Germany). There were also two events in collaboration with Lucca Comics & Games: the presentation of the 2023 announcement of the Lucca Junior Competition - Livio Sossi Award for Editorial Illustration, with the aim of creating of an illustrated book based on an as yet unpublished text by Angelo Mozzillo, and the panel “Comics-related professions: how to present a portfolio”, organised by Lucca Comics & Games and the Comics & Graphic Novels Commission of the AIE, as part of Aldus Up network.

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