The BRAW Amazing Bookshelf

The magnificent Salaborsa library in the heart of Bologna showcased the thousands of books entered for the 2024 BolognaRagazzi Awards: from 3355 titles, submitted by 810 publishers from 65 countries, the winners and special mentions were selected by an international jury.
Alongside the main and now historical categories, there is a new addition that from this year will be permanent, Toddler, confirming international trends. 
For the special categories that are proposed each year, 2024 presents The Sea and, for the first time, The Extraordinary Award for an Extraordinary Book, a special prize created to highlight a title that has touched the jury in an exceptional way.

However, many others were greatly admired by the international juries of experts, critics, journalists, who took a look at the outstanding worldwide production. Bologna Children’s Book Fair is proud to devote a special exhibition to these publishing gems and contribute to their visibility on the international stage.
One hundred titles, from forty countries, testify to an inventive and artistic excellence that increases year by year and shows how quality is characteristic of every corner of the world. In the West as in the East, in the North as in the South. It is thought of and produced for the younger audiences with great respect for their intelligence, curiosity and thirst for knowledge, this seems to be the most verifiable fact. The first edition of the new Toddler category shines a light on works of extraordinary finesse and surprising inventiveness. Picture books, at every level, are increasingly cultural products of great interest to every audience, not the preserve of children alone. Many are debut works and new comics that present very different styles. Alongside works by established authors we showcase those by authors who will be the established names of tomorrow, because popularity always starts with a small seed.
Truly an amazing bookshelf!

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The 2024 BRAW Amazing Bookshelf

  1. Sarah Abdullah, Nadia Romero. ينهبشت مك (How Similar to Me!). Kalimat, United Arab Emirates, 2023
  2. Kwame Alexander, Melissa Sweet. How to Write a Poem. HarperCollins Children’s Books, United States, 2023
  3. Hiroyuki Arai. かいじゅうポポリは こうやって いかりをのりきった (How Little Monster Popori Faced Anger). PIE International, Japan, 2023
  4. Tomoko Aso. なつやすみ (Summer Holiday). Fukuinkan Shoten Publishers, Japan, 2023
  5. Marta Bartolj. A smo že tam?. Miš Publishing, Slovenia, 2023
  6. Ralph Bauer. hol-A. Monimo Ediciones, Peru, 2023
  7. Iris Boudreau. Gervais et Conrad. Éditions les 400 coups, Canada, 2023
  8. Alicia Bululú, Raquel Catalina. Diario desayuno. A buen paso, Spain, 2023
  9. Davide Calì, Giulia Pastorino. Ehi, laggiù basta così!. Edizioni Clichy, Italy, 2023
  10. César Canet. La vie à la montagne. Éditions Sarbacane, France, 2023
  11. Nat Cardozo. Origen. Libros del Zorro Rojo, Spain - Argentina - Mexico, 2023
  12. Nicolás Castelo. La estatua Raúl. Lecturita Ediciones, Argentina, 2023
  13. Didier Cornille. A toi de jouer!. Hélium, France, 2023
  14. Gro Dahle, Svein Nyhus. Ikke!. Cappelen Damm, Norway, 2022
  15. Julie de Graaf, Pieter Van Eenoge. Een boek vol huizen. Lannoo Publishers, Belgium, 2023
  16. Anna Desnitskaya. На краю света (On the Edge of the World). Samokat, Russia, 2023
  17. Han Donau. Jazero. Artforum, Slovakia, 2023
  18. Dave Eggers, Júlia Sardà. Moving the Millers’ Minnie Moore Mine Mansion: A True Story. Candlewick Press, United States, 2023
  19. X. Fang. Dim Sum Palace. Tundra Books (Penguin Random House), Canada, 2023
  20. Baptiste Filippi, Loïc Urbaniak. Un cortège de fourmis portant 1000 fois leur poids. Éditions 2024, France, 2023
  21. Rán Flygenring, Eldgos. Angústúra, Iceland, 2022
  22. Yael Frankel. La señora de los pájaros. Leetra, Mexico, 2023
  23. Bernard Friot, Aurore Paillusson, Thomas Baas, Charlotte Fréreau. Balade en fromagie. Éditions Milan, France, 2023
  24. Artur Gębka, Agata Dudek. Butelka taty. Widnokrąg, Poland, 2023
  25. Enrique Giner de los Ríos, Iván Larraguibel, Natalia Ramos, several artists. Ven a ver arte mexicano. Ediciones Ekaré Sur, Chile, 2023
  26. Walter Glassof. Kouaf kouaf. Actes Sud Jeunesse, France, 2023
  27. Will Gmehling, Antje Damm. Pizzakatze. Peter Hammer Verlag, Germany, 2023
  28. Antonio Gramsci, Raysa Fontana. Um homem no buraco. Boitatá, Brazil, 2023
  29. Steven Guarnaccia. Museum of Nothing. Astra Books for Young Readers, United States, 2023
  30. Ziggy Hanaor, Daisy Wynter. The Egg Incident. Cicada Books, United Kingdom, 2023
  31. Tomomi Hikatsu. パーマさんはパーマやさん (Perma-san and a Special Curly Perm). Fukuinkan Shoten Publishers, Japan, 2023
  32. Michal Hlatký, Nicol Hochholczerová. O tme a veľkom človeku. BRAK, Slovakia, 2023
  33. Naseem Hrab, Kelly Collier. Otis & Peanut. Owlkids Books, Canada, 2023
  34. Maija Hurme. Kaikki löytämäni viimeiset. Etana Editions, Finland, 2022
  35. Maria Ivashkina. Истории книжных магазинов (Bookstores around the world). MILE books, Russia, 2023
  36. Paulina Jara Straussmann, Mercè Galí. Prohibido decir caca. Editorial Muñeca de Trapo, Chile, 2022
  37. Kwon Jeong-min, 사라진 저녁 (The Disappeared Dinner). Changbi Publishers, South Korea, 2022
  38. Wu Jing. 四时吉祥客春节 (Four Auspicious Seasons: Spring Festival). Guangxi Normal University Press (The Magic Elephant Books), China, 2023
  39. Zarah Juul. Anna – en lille maler. Grønningen 1, Denmark, 2023
  40. Seungyoun Kim. 모자의 숲 (The Forest of Hats). Textcontext, South Korea, 2022
  41. Yoshiko Kitani. Yoru no Otanjoukai he (Midnight Birthday Party). Nijinoehonya, Japan, 2022
  42. Hitomi Kondo. Matte! Matte! (Wait! Wait!). Poplar Publishing, Japan, 2022
  43. Jessica Korbedeau. Le loup, le chasseur et la poule. Éditions les 400 coups, Canada, 2022
  44. Nina Le Comte. Allers-retours. CotCotCot Éditions, Belgium, 2019
  45. Émilie Leduc. La soupe au lait. Monsieur Ed, Canada, 2023
  46. Ma Li & Shi-yi Yang, Yu Hsuan Wang. 種子和風 (The Seed and the Wind). Locus Publishing Company, Taiwan, 2023
  47. Lisette Lombé, 10eme Arte (Almudena Pano, Elisa Sartori). À hauteur d’enfant. CotCotCot Éditions, Belgium, 2023
  48. Agata Loth-Ignaciuk, Małgorzata Nowak. Pa, ba baloniku! . Druganoga, Poland, 2023
  49. Huiyang Lv, Yingda Dong. 马蒂斯的旅行 (Matisse’s Journey). Beijing Everafter Culture Development, China, 2023
  50. Bei Lynn, Jui-Che Wu. 作伙來踅大稻埕-大稻埕動物園+大稻埕ê山珍海味 (Have Fun In Tuā-Tiū-Tiânn). SiLoo Story, Taiwan, 2022
  51. Marius Marcinkevičius, Ieva Gvazdaitytė. Ilgi eilėraščiai trumpiems. Misteris Pinkmanas, Lithuania, 2023
  52. Michelle Markel, Barbara McClintock. Tomfoolery!: Randolph Caldecott and the Rambunctious Coming-of-Age of Children’s Books. Chronicle Books, United States, 2023
  53. Fanette Mellier. Panorama. Éditions du livre, France, 2022
  54. Pato Mena. Atacama. ¿Adónde van las vizcachas?. A buen paso, Spain, 2023
  55. Jérémie Moreau. La Chambre de Warren. Albin Michel Jeunesse, France, 2023
  56. Rodrigo Morlisen, Mariana Ruiz Johnson. Luna Ranchera. Astra Books for Young Readers, United States, 2023
  57. Junko Nakamura. Chez Bergamote. Éditions MeMo, France, 2023
  58. Yoonleap Nam. 출발! 자동차 여행 (Let’s Go! Car Trip). Changbi Publishers, South Korea, 2023
  59. Maria Nesterenko. Капитан Собака в недрах Земли (Captain the Dog in the Bowels of the Earth). Ad Marginem Press, Russia, 2023
  60. Marianna Oklejak. Malote. Bookolia, Spain, 2023
  61. Elżbieta Pałasz, Dominika Czerniak-Chojnacka. Jedzcie dzieci, czyli przecinek i spółka. Wydawnictwo Dwie Siostry, Poland, 2023
  62. Dimitris Pandermalis, Philippos Avramidis. To archaio sxoleio. Melissa Publishing House, Greece, 2022
  63. Berta Páramo. Oler. Zahorí Books, Spain, 2023
  64. Jiyoon Park. 특별 주문 케이크 (Special-ordered Cakes). Borim Press, South Korea, 2022
  65. Audrey Peli. Dans les choux. Éditions du goudron et des plumes, Switzerland, 2023
  66. Antonia Pesenti. This Place. Art Gallery of New South Wales, Australia, 2022
  67. Ana Pessoa, Madalena Matoso. Por exemplo, uma rosa. Planeta Tangerina, Portugal, 2023
  68. Ana Petrović. Stripoterapija. Kreativni centar, Serbia, 2022
  69. Ana Pez. Más mayor. Editorial Libre Albedrio, Spain, 2023
  70. Andy J. Pizza, Sophie Miller. Invisible Things. Chronicle Books, United States, 2023
  71. Giusi Quarenghi, Alessandro Sanna. In canto. Terre di mezzo Editore, Italy, 2023
  72. Ángeles Quinteros, Karina Letelier. Vueltas y vueltas. Leetra, Mexico, 2023
  73. Anne-Margot Ramstein. Me manque. La Partie, France, 2023
  74. Raul the Third, Vamos! Let’s Go Read. HarperCollins Children’s Books, United States, 2023
  75. Loes Riphagen. Het kabouterboek. Gottmer Publishing Group, the Netherlands, 2023
  76. Edmond Rostand, Bruno Gibert. La tirade du nez. Grasset Jeunesse, France, 2023
  77. Cecilia Ruiz. Mr. Fiorello’s Head. Enchanted Lion Books, United States, 2023
  78. Mariana Ruiz Johnson. BO-TO. Cataplum Libros, Colombia, 2023
  79. Māris Rungulis, Reinis Pētersons. En den dīno šoko loko tīno. Liels un mazs, Latvia, 2023
  80. Clémence Sabbagh, Teresa Arroyo Corcobado. Mauvaise graine. Maison Eliza, France, 2023
  81. Ivana Sajko, Catalina Jaramillo Quijano. Dječak s gušterovim repom. Oaza Books, Croatia, 2023
  82. Jürg Schubiger, Rotraut Susanne Berner. Eines Nachts im Paradies. Peter Hammer Verlag, Germany, 2022
  83. Nicolás Schuff, Ana Sender. Los tatuajes. Lecturita Ediciones, Argentina, 2023
  84. Sandra Siemens, Yael Frankel. Familia de palabras. Claraboya Ediciones, Chile, 2023
  85. Yang Sio Maan. Mr. Matos Went To Buy Tomatoes. Fizzy Ink Publishing, Macao, 2023
  86. Ewa Solarz, Robert Czajka. Ziemianie. Druganoga, Poland, 2023
  87. Spider. It’s ok to cry. Orecchio acerbo, Italy, 2023
  88. Kathy Stinson, Lauren Soloy. A Tulip in Winter. Greystone Books, Canada, 2023
  89. Zeno Sworder. My Strange Shrinking Parents. Thames & Hudson, United Kingdom, 2023
  90. Tang Sulan, Chen Xunru. 牛王节 (Bull King Festival). Changjiang Children’s Press, China, 2022
  91. Grassa Toro, Pep Carrió. Flor de un dia. Alboroto Ediciones, Mexico, 2023
  92. Jaroslav Tvrdoň, David Dolenský. Rufus rybaří. Baobab, Czech Republic, 2023
  93. Sol Undurraga, Marcela Fuentealba. El bosque de lo diminuto. Saposcat, Chile, 2023
  94. Anne Vasko. Hattu. Etana Editions, Finland, 2023
  95. Milana Videnov, Nebojsa Videnov. Knjiga o početku. Maringoo, Serbia, 2023
  96. Emma Virke, Emelie Östergren. Presenten. Lilla Piratförlaget, Sweden, 2023
  97. Katharina von der Gathen, Anke Kuhl. Radieschen von unten - Das bunte Buch über den Tod für neugierige Kinder. Klett Kinderbuch Verlag, Germany, 2023
  98. Martina Walther. Albertas Wunschladen. Kunstanstifter, Germany, 2023
  99. Linda Wolfsgruber. Sieben. Die Schöpfung. Tyrolia Verlag, Austria, 2023
  100. Egīls Zirnis, Svens Neilands. Kas zoodārzā notiek naktī. Liels un mazs, Latvia, 2023