Online Edition
14-17 June 2021

The Illustrators Survival Corner

Developed in response to the many requests from illustrators, especially young artists, The Illustrators Survival Corner is an area in BCBF dedicated exclusively to the illustration as a profession. It was conceived especially for the many artists who each year flock to the trade show in search of new work opportunities or to show their portfolios to publishers.

The 2021 edition of The Illustrators Survival Corner will schedule a series of online activities in advance of the upcoming BCBF offering insights into the different aspects that make up the world of professional illustration.

The online programme includes four masterclasses dealing respectively with the assessments of the jury selecting the 2021 Illustrators Exhibition, picturebooks, children’s magazines, and artist/illustrator agents and agencies.

As well as these masterclasses, there will be a series of portfolio reviews with art directors, publishers and artists prior to the second edition of the 24H MARATHON – The Worldwide Illustrators Portfolio Review - a non-stop 24-hour portfolio review session with international publishing sector professionals.

The Illustrators Survival Corner is a unique meeting place where illustrators can exchange experience, extend their skills and find practical solutions to the specific issues faced by the professional illustrator thanks to direct contact with international experts. In fact, the Survival Corner hosts artists of international renown but also major publishers, agents, editors and art directors from all over the world who make available their experience in a series of masterclasses, workshops and portfolio reviews.

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survival cornerThe activities of the Corner are aimed at young emerging artists and professionals, offering a daily line-up of events that includes:  

  • Portfolio Reviews: an opportunity for inexperienced illustrators to present their portfolios to important publishers, illustrators, authors, agents and art directors in order to receive opinions and suggestions.
  • Workshops: tips on design and planning for illustrators held by international artists.
  • Masterclass “Survival Tools for the profession”: seminars on the basics of working in publishing: from self-promotion to managing interviews with the publisher, from the contract to social media.
  • Meet the jury: cycles of meetings, workshops and portfolio reviews with the Illustrators Exhibition jurors (in 2019: Diego Bianchi, Alessandro Sanna, Harriet van Reek, Macjek Byliniak).
  • Red Carpet: masterclasses and workshops with international artists such as - in 2019 - Lorenzo Mattotti, Klaas Verplancke, Beatrice Alemagna, Emilio Urberuaga, Roger Mello, Kestutis Kasparavicius.

During  the last edition (2019), the Illustrators Survival Corner achieved some outstanding results: 105 guests among artists, authors, publishing and visual communication professionals; 36 masterclasses and 8 workshops held by internationally renowned illustrators; 50 portfolio reviews. The Corner saw around 6,300 visitors overall, with over 5,300 participants involved in its activities, while around 1,000 attendees visited the Shanghai Impressions exhibition which was held at the Corner.

Guests who took part in the activities of the 2019 Survival Corner were: Adolfo Serra, Alessandro Sanna, Alla-Lina Mattar, Amma Mas Blasco, Ana Zavadlav, Anna Castagnoli, Anna Desnitskaya, Aretha Campbell, Arianna Squilloni, Ayami Moriizumi, Barbara Rigon, Beatrice Alemagna, Caco Bressane, Chiara Richelmi, Chiara Zarmati, Chih-Yuan Chen, Christopher Myers, Clara Jubete, Conc Corrado Rabitti, Cristina Angelucci, Cristina Portolano, Daisy Zuo, Daniela Valente, Daria Kirpach, Davide Bonazzi, Diego Bianchi, Davide Calì, Derek Brazell, Ekua Holmes, Elenia Beretta, Elisa Macellari, Emiliano Ponzi, Eva Jimenez, Evelyn Daviddi, Emilio Urberuaga, Elisabetta Bianchi, Federico Maggioni, Flavia Bomfim, Francesca Chessa, Francesco Chiacchio, Georgia Luckman, Géraldine Alibeu, Giovanni Munari, Gianluca Folì, Giovanni Scarduelli, Heimi Ilaria Tontardini, Guido Scarabottolo, Ilaria Urbinati, Martoz, Harriet van Reek, Irene Penazzi, Iris Samartzi, Isaak Friedl, Joan Negrescolor, Johanna Schaible, Maria Ballarotti, Katsumi Komagata, Miguel Pang Ly, Kestutis Kasparavicius, Lucie Luddington, Klaas Verplancke, Paola Parazzoli, Lorenzo Mattotti, Laura Re, Macjek Byliniak, Paolo Rui, Monica Monachesi, Maria Russo, Madeleine Frochaux, Maria Sole Macchia, Marina Marcolin, Masha Titova, Polina Plavinskaya, Miguel Tanco, Ramón Parir, Thomas Baas, Sergio Ruzzier, Raquel Bonita, Monika Vaicenaviciene, Sandrine Bonini, Roger Mello, Spela Frlic, Silvia Razzini, Vendi Vernic, Vania Trolese, Susanna Gentili, Yi Yang, Vicky Willden-Lebrecht, Toyohiko Kokumai, Walter Fochesato, Viviana Donella, Xavier Zabala.