Tv/Film Rights Centre

Where Content meet Media Producers

The Bologna Children’s Bookfair is the ideal place for audiovisual producers and commissioning editors to find the next book-based IPs, to be developed into TV series and films for children, young people and family target audiences.

For this reason, and to enhance the important link between these two industries, BCBF is delighted to be launching the new Tv/Film Rights Centre: the business area welcomes audiovisual producers to help foster business and networking opportunities with the publishing world.

By registering at the Tv/Film Rights Centre, the producer will be able to:

  • participate in matchmaking activities facilitated by the organisation between publishers and tv/film producers
  • promote their tv/film properties to publishers
  • access the Database of publishers and visitors registered at the Fair
  • access the Global Rights Exchange service (the Bologna digital platform for the copyright business)
  • be listed in the official BCBF catalogue and be easily identifiable by publishers
  • have a dedicated business area, strategically located in the heart of the Fair, to place your stuff, receive assistance and use a free bar service, and organise meetings

Further tools to improve matchmaking between publishers and audiovisual producers are in the process to be developed and announced soon.

All BCBF publishers will be involved in this new project
by receiving an information sheet about each producer registered in this new business area!

For the first edition of the Tv/Film Rights Centre slots are limited!
For any further information and/or to book your slot within this new BCBF business area, write to 

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