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Editions du Pourquoi Pas is an independent French publishing house specialized in picture books and literature for children and young adults. A particular characteristic of our publishing house is that we are a non-profit organization. Created in 2012 by the Vosges Teaching League together with the École Supérieure d’Art de Lorraine (Higher School of Arts of Lorraine), we aimes to develop varied projects around Popular Education : giving access to culture as a condition of exercising citizenship for as many people as possible. OUR COLLECTIONS: 1. For Littles (Albums Petite Enfance) : Age 2+ we follow the adventure of Mi and Ma: two children who plays in their garden, will discover funny things which will stimulate their curiosity of the world. Each book focuses on one element in their garden: The Leaf, The Ants, The Pebble. 2. Why not the Earth? (Pourquoi pas la Terre ?) : Age 5+ illustrated albums offer philosophical approach of ecology. 3. Live Together (Faire la Société) : Age 7+ The concept of this book series, composed by 20 titles, is to offer two perspectives of one important subject in the same book. These “Duo books” explore several social topics such as: handicap, philosophy, homeless’ life conditions, intercultural relationships, friendship... 4. Building Humanity : Age 7+ Fiction collection (between 32-48 pages / title) with important Humanity subjects :Death, Joy of living, Violence, Upheaval of life, etc. 4.Graphic Novels (Roman) : Age 12+ A combination of meaningful stories created by famous French authors, actual social topics and artistic illustrations created by the new French talents. Through 60 pages, each book of this series helps young adults to discuss a deep and complex social topic, such as war, life, love, racism, gender identity, freedom...


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