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Leya, S.A.


LeYa was established in January 2008 as a holding company incorporating some of the most prestigious, and until then independent publishing houses in Portugal. Home to most of the major Portuguese authors, LeYa is currently an undisputed market leader in Portugal, with a rich and varied catalogue that encompasses all genres and themes, from children’s picture books and YA novels to comics and adult fiction and non-fiction. LeYa also works with well-known bestselling international authors that have been recognized for their work, namely: 25 Nobel prizes, 10 Jerusalem prizes, 8 Cervantes prizes, 5 Pullitzer prizes, 11 Booker prizes, 5 Pessoa prizes, 8 Camões prizes, and 30 APE prizes. LeYa awards every year the Prémio LeYa (in the amount of 50,000€) to the best unpublished novel written in Portuguese. In total, LeYa publishes an average of 500 new titles every year.


(21-106) Libri educativi (21-111) Romanzi (21-118) Libri di testo


(E) All Ages

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