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BABIDI-BÚ is a publishing house for children and teenagers founded in 2013 in Spain. We specialize in the publication of hardcover albums and in the treatment of implicit values in the works we publish. It was born with a firm commitment: to encourage the world of reading among the youngest readers with stories in which human and social values prevail, while remaining fun and entertaining for this age range, with topics never before dealt with in children's books, such as the management of emotions, functional diversity, health, respect for the environment or books that serve as tools for, for example, the prevention of abuse in childhood or to deal with grief for the loss of a loved one.   The publishing house already has a presence in several Latin American countries, and in January 2023 it opens its international borders to Europe with its expansion as a publishing house in Italy.


Arte Crimine, thriller e misteri Disabilità Diversità e integrazione Fantascienza Fantasy LGBT Musica Racconti Scienza e natura Umorismo