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The cow spoke and said moo Since 1998, Media Vaca has specialised in the invention of highly illustrated books designed for readers of all ages. The Publisher's catalogue currently contains seventy one titles divided into seven collections and beyond commercial criteria and novelty, it corresponds to the personal and whimsical taste of its Publishers. Perhaps, the majority of what we publish is related to the humour, poetry and mystery which inspire the myriad manifestations of popular culture. Likewise, we feel indebted to the work by the graphic artists throughout the ages who have sought to communicate with the widest and most unknown audience (although the majority of this extensive and unknown audience have not been interested in finding out their names or were unaware that these works were dedicated to them). The care and hard work which is required by every new Media Vaca project only permit the publication of three titles per year, and if the circumstances are favourable, they can be consulted in public libraries or purchased in the best book shops.


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