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La Partie


La Partie is a new publishing house founded in 2021 on the idea of literature where word and image are intimately intertwined. Convinced of the virtues of wonder and precision, we publish words and pictures that challenge, encourage dreaming, and build confidence in critical thinking. Many of the authors and illustrators we’ve worked with from the start have already created a body of work with these artistic and literary standards. Unleashing their imagination, they experiment, play, and tell stories we look forward to sharing with you!


21-113 Albi illustrati 21-119 Libri senza parole


A pre-school E All Ages

Pad. 29 Stand C/10 - E/9 - F/10 - MALL2 Comics Corner
Pad. 29 Stand C/10 - E/9 - F/10 - MALL2

17, rue de l'Université
75007 Parigi , FRANCIA