International Kids Licensing Days:
The latest international trends in Kids Licensing

The event is curated by BCBF and BLTF/Kids in partnership with Licensing Magazine

An in-depth look at the latest trends in Kids Entertainment and Kids Licensing during a full day of meetings and talks with international sector players.



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4,5 hours




Welcome and Opening remarks

Opening Keynote Interview - From the Digital World to a Successful World Brand

How did a digital IP in no way linked to the "traditional" broadcasting sector become a global licensing phenomenon, adored by children the world over? In this exclusive interview, we’ll be looking at how this extraordinary success story got off the ground, where it’s heading next, and how it has influenced, and continues to influence trends in the kids’ entertainment and licensing industry.

Interview with:

Simon Philips, Managing Director, Global Consumer Products, Moonbug Entertainment, USA

By Cristina Angelucci, Editor-in-Chief, Licensing Magazine, Italy

The Digital Evolution of Licensing

Over the last few years - and especially as a result of the pandemic - brands have increasingly had to reinvent themselves, creating new opportunities in digital environments in order to target an increasingly eclectic, transmedia audience. We look at the most successful projects and their strategies with a group of expert sector professionals.

Moderator: Neal Hoskins, owner, WingedChariot, Poland


Joachim Knödler, Head of Licensing, Studio 100 Group, Germany
Sébastian Wehner, CEO and Founder, Wonderz, Germany
Silvia Figini, COO EMEA, India and Oceania Mr Men Worldwide, Sanrio Company Ltd., Italy

An Overview of European Licensing Trends

How is the licensing market evolving in the face of today’s many challenges? What are the must-follow trending topics in the eyes of sector experts? We talk to some of the most important players on the European market.

Moderator: Ben Roberts, Senior Content Strategist, License Global, UK


Maurizio Distefano, President and Owner, Maurizio Distefano Agency, Italy
Pau Pascual, VP Southern Europe, MENA & South Asia, WildBrain CPLG, Spain
Antonella Ceraso, International Consumer Products Director, DeA Planeta Entertainment, Spain

The European Licensing Market in Figures

What kids and young adult brands are enjoying greatest appeal in Europe today? What the most popular brands to induce a greater propensity to buy licensed consumer goods? Together with BrandTrends and their special report compiled for this meeting, we’ll be looking at key European licensing trends.

Presentation by BrandTrends 


Ivan Colecchia, SVP Global Development, BrandTrends, Italy

Children's Brands Enacting Real Social Change

How is the licensing industry embracing the transition to a sustainable future? In this session, we’ll be meeting licensors and manufacturers to find out how they are reducing their environmental footprint while positively impacting their Companies and promoting business growth. The session will be hosted by Products of Change, an organisation helping the licensing sector to bring about sustainable change.

Session organized in partnership with Products of Change

Moderator: Helena Mansell-Stopher, Founder & CEO, Products of Change, UK 


Siobhan Galvin, Commercial Director of Magazines, Egmont, UK
Alessandra Cittadini, Licensing Business Development Leader, Clementoni, Italy

Licensing & Retail

Experiential licensing can provide retailing with new ways of capturing the attention of an increasingly digital-oriented public. Living an experience rather than simply making a purchase, and creating entertainment around a property than elicits an emotional response is to create a consumer and fan of a brand, not only for what that brand evokes but also for the emotions the brand experience has aroused. In this session, we’ll be looking at aspirational projects and success stories. 

Moderator: Cristina Angelucci, Editor-in-chief, Licensing Magazine, Italy

Philippe Glorieux, Head of Marketing, Communications and Family Entertainment, IMPS The Smurfs, Belgium
David Tommaso, Marketing and Sales Director, Leolandia, Italy
David Pérez, TheMadMan™ at NO GROUP, Spain

Is it time to go beyond Gender in content for children and young people?

Changing social trends have made gender an increasingly topical issue in children's – and also very young children’s – content. How important is it to identify and differentiate the concept of gender in children's properties and content? Besides entertainment, how much does this also affect licensing and consumer goods? An exclusive study by The Insights Family will help us find out more. 

Session organized in collaboration with The Insights Family


Will Pearce, Managing Director, The Insights Family, UK

Next Children’s Content challenges. Closing Keynote Interview

This closing Keynote interview will provide an overview of the latest market trends, including new content, future prospects and what we should be looking out for in coming months, together with one of the main global industry key-player.

Interview with:

Mark Kingston, VP International Consumer Products - Paramount Global, UK

By Ben Roberts, Senior Content Strategist, License Global, UK

Wrap up

Event description

Digital evolution, experiential retailing, licensing trends in Europe, sustainable and inclusive licensing projects, on-going developments in kids’ and teen content, the latest market data, and much more. These are the hot topics scheduled for discussion during the conference on the latest licensing trends and development strategies for content targeting kids and young adults. Held during the prestigious Bologna Children’s Book Fair and Bologna Licensing Trade Fair / Kids, the meeting will also be a great networking opportunity for all participating companies.

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