How to Self-Publish in Italy and Abroad

This event is curated by BolognaBookPlus, in collaboration with Argento Vivo

A half-day conference on the variety of publishing paths available to aspiring authors,
led by speakers from across the globe, looking at the Italian market and beyond, with impressive experience in publishing, marketing and selling.



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3 hours




Welcome and introduction, Carmen Laterza – Libroza

The self publishing market in Italy
Self-publishing data of various in Italy. Reflections and trends in the market for children’s and youth literature,  Carmen Laterza – Libroza

The market of self publishing in the world, Jo Henry – Book Brunch

The platforms of self-publishing today
Update on self-publishing platforms: news and opportunities for self publishers, Luana Prestinice – Self-Publishing Italia

Promotion and distribution: online and in bookstores
The importance of online and offline distribution and promotion opportunities (events in bookshops, participation in trade fairs, etc.), Mario Lion Stoppato – Webster Srl & Enrico Guida – Il Grillo Parlante bookstore

The audiobook and its distribution
Audio-book sales data and opportunities for self-publishers (costs, distribution, how to turn text into audio), Cristiana Giacometti – Il Narratore

The cover
How and why to have a nice cover, Beatrice Spada – Editorial designer

Event description

Self-publishing is in increasingly recognised and popular route for aspiring authors to get their work published. There are many options of platforms and services available, and the successful self-published names are likely to get the attention of traditional publishers, and can result in hybrid options, creating wider audiences, recognition, and sales.

Getting started is often the biggest challenge. This event will guide aspiring authors, and those in the beginning of their writing careers through the knowledge and skills that are required to navigate the self-publishing journey, and learn how to get your book into international markets.


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