Marie Curie. Nel paese della scienza         

Text by Irène Cohen-Janca
Illustrations by Claudia Palmarucci
Orecchio Acerbo, Italy, 2019

What the jury said:
“Telling the story of a life without being just a rehearsal of facts, this is a moving biography that is at the same time intimate and public. Despite its realistic style and historical accuracy, it has a surreal quality, and is constantly pervaded with a yellow tone that suggests the irradiation of polonium.  It uses visual references to works of art of different times which are all annotated extensively at the back so the book brings art history and science together."


Mapping Sam           

Text and illustrations by Joyce Hesselberth             
Greenwillow Books, USA, 2018

What the jury said:
“Introduction of mapping for young children through the journey of Sam the cat. A variety of visual display from the neighbourhood map to the anatomical map to the cross sectional graphic brings us all the way home. Mixed media, paint and digital collage give page-turning movement from the grass to the stars."


Plasticus maritimus. Uma espécie invasora          

Text by Ana Pêgo and Isabel Minhós Martins
Illustrations by Bernardo P. Carvalho          
Planeta Tangerina , Portugal, 2018

What the jury said:
“A uniquely formatted and physically satisfying field guide to saving our planet through recognising the harm of plastics and what we can do in the way of activism and creativity. It uses a variety of original artwork, including photographs, colour pencil sketches and imaginative graphics."


Infinite Hope: A Black Artist's Journey from World War II to Peace    

Text and illustrations by Ashley Bryan         
Caitlyn Dlouhy Books, USA, 2019

What the jury said:
“Distinguished Black American artist and writer Ashley Bryan has created a book which is part memoir, part work of art and part historical narrative. In a scrapbook of archival materials including his own letters, sketches and paintings, Bryan describes his service to his country during world war two and the fight for equality within and without government structure. This oversized album is also a history of American art and civil rights."


Suffragette. The Battle for Equality

Text and illustrations by David Roberts
Two Hoots, UK, 2018

What the jury said:
“Using elegant and scrupulously researched illustrations, with a light-hearted and decorative line and an engaging narrative, Roberts tempts a young audience into the struggle for the vote in Great Britain, embracing episodes of both humour and horror, and producing a large format volume of airy grace."