Bologna Global Rights Exchange - Licensing

Looking forward to the digital evolution of content business, the new shape of Bologna Licensing Trade Fair / Kids goes through the Bologna Global Rights Exchange digital platform. This special licensing “virtual” zone is the place where to learn what’s new in licensing brands and properties, with a focus on what’s hot for children and teens, and it is organized in the frame of the main Bologna Children’s Book Fair digital copyright platform.

The uniqueness of this area is that it is available for all the year-long and not only during the trade show dates. Moreover, this digital place is where licensing professionals must be to promote and offer their own properties for any potential partner dealing within the children’s licensing business, whoever they could be – licensors, licensees, retailers, audio-visual producers, licensing agencies, specialized services, etc.

This digital copyright “agora” is extremely special also thanks to the conjunction and union with the world-wide leading Bologna Children’s Book Fair, allowing to create the only global digital copyrights marketplace devoted to children’s content, of any kind, from publishing to audio-visual, licensing and everything around.

In the Global Rights Exchange platform, you can upload your brands, browse among those already available, set up e-meetings, share contacts and, if you are an exhibitor, check who are the visitors registered to the directory so far.