The "children-spectators”

The international illustrators competition “The Children-Spectators” belongs to the four-year project “Mapping - A map on the aesthetics of performing arts for early years”, an artistic research venture, supported by the European Union, looking at the relationship between early childhood (children from zero to 6 years) and the performing arts.

The project hosts each year a selection of illustrators participating in the “Children-Spectators” competition. In 2023, a final show will gather a selection of all the works presented over the project. Illustrators art will be shown together with 4 guest international artists

Participants sent one illustration created on the theme of the "children - spectators" of a performative event (theatre, dance, music, etc.) in which the performer meets a young audience. Each work was accompanied by a short sentence helping to interpret its meaning, to place it within a reflection, to imagine a sort of narration, starting from that image.

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