59th edition
21-24 March 2022
Bologna - Italy



One of a Kind

Text and illustrations by Neil Packer
Walker Books, United Kingdom, 2021

What the jury said:
“This book takes the child collector’s joy in sorting and classifying and brings it to life in this novel contribution to the non-fiction scene that can afford its readers years of pleasurable reading. This inventive take on taxonomies and sorting conventions can be read at many levels; from learning about the way things are classified, to the diverging and converging ways in which the decisions made to sort them are made. For most of the book, the objects in the illustration take center stage, then the text in the rich and beautifully laid out appendix encourages further exploration. Neil Packer's illustrations that employ modified photographs and precise scientific drawings invite readers to pay attention to the fine nuances that give each object its uniqueness and character. The extraordinary production of this large format book gives the reader a warm aged feel, and evokes the aesthetics of all sorts of curated collections, from museums to shoeboxes under children’s beds.


Marek Kaminski. Jak zdobyc bieguny Ziemi…w rok           

Text by Agata Loth-Ignaciuk                                                                                     Illustrations by Bartlomiej Ignaciuk
Wydawnictwo Druganoga, Poland, 2020

What the jury said:
“This graphic book is about the famous explorer Marek Kaminski and his polar adventure to both poles in one year. Using only three colors, illustrator Bartlomiej Ignaciuk expertly conjures the extreme cold, the exuberant landscapes, and the temerity of the explorers. The illustrations provide necessary texture to the scientific text that conveys the process and its practicalities, as well as the mental, emotional, and physical states of the explorers. The child’s dream of exploration, and awe at Kaminski’s achievement are deconstructed and demystified in ways that encourage further research.”


Paisajes perdidos de la Tierra          

Text by the Natural Science Museum of Barcelona         
Illustrations by Aina Bestard
Zahorí Books, Spain, 2020

What the jury said:
“A book that makes expert use of wide format, opening flaps, transparencies, and double spreads to imaginatively reconstruct what prehistoric earth might have been like, guided by the traces we have of it today. This glimpse into a time and space we cannot reach anymore is a window onto knowing ourselves. The production quality, paper, earthy color palette, and warranted use of sleek design features all conjure the aesthetics of old catalogs in a new presentation.”


Rice Rice Rice   

Text and illustrations by Bamco
Hyang, South Korea, 2019

What the jury said:
“This book draws surprising connections between the written characters and the reality of actions and objects involved in bringing rice from the field to the table. The rhythmic and playful words, and delightful congruence between type and illustrations present the youngest readers with an original nonfiction volume on natural phenomena.


Tipos Curiosos

Text by Ricardo Henriques
Illustrations by Madalena Matoso with Rúben Dias
Pato Lógico Edições, Portugal, 2020

What the jury said:
“A monumental chronological book that makes the complex, vital yet under explored theme of type accessible to young readers. As hypertext is normalized as a form of written expression, we are forced to think of the visual presentation of our words.”