COMICS - Middle Grade


Teatro di natura

Text and art by Michelangelo Setola
Canicola, Italy, 2021


What the jury said

“Michelangelo Setola’s first full-length comic for children in colour helps us discover the most important early researcher into natural history, Ulisse Aldrovandi, on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of his birth. Told in the first person from the age of twelve to adulthood, it reprises Aldrovandi’s original engravings of animals, both real and fantastic, and ancient remains and fossils. Setola combines the factual with the fantastic, showing young Ulisse seeing and studying the ancient and natural worlds for himself, even talking with the animals and plants. The book encourages the reader to cultivate a sense of wonder and engage with nature and history directly.”




Nowhere girl

Text and art by Magali Le Huche
Dargaud, France, 2021


What the jury said:

“In her subtle coming-of-age autobiography, Magali Le Huche looks back at herself as a young girl under pressure and fearful of failure at middle school. In her search for identity, she finds refuge in the music of The Beatles. Each member is personified as a different colour, which make visible the emotional effects on her of their songs in striking symbolic spreads and sensitive auras. Le Huche uses other effective visual metaphors such as the girl’s gigantic schoolbag. A touching account of a side of teenage life that can go unrecorded.”