Online Edition
14-17 June 2021

BolognaRagazzi Award 2021 Regulations


On the occasion of the 2021 Bologna Children’s Book Fair, BolognaFiere will confer the "BolognaRagazzi Award" in the sections FICTION, NON FICTION, COMICS, OPERA PRIMA (DEBUT WORK), and POETRY. 

  • The FICTION section shall include fictional works of stories or fables in the form of picturebooks or publications whose illustrations are the predominant feature. BolognaRagazzi Award is not a literary prize. Novels and short stories shall not be taken into consideration by the Jury. 

  • The NON FICTION section shall include publications providing general or special information on any area of knowledge, science, history, music, persons, or any other topic broadening the learning experience. 

  • The COMICS section includes three subsections: EARLY READER (ages 6 to 9), MIDDLE GRADE (ages 9 to 12) e YOUNG ADULT (ages 13 and up). 

  • The OPERA PRIMA (DEBUT WORK) section is reserved to works of hitherto unpublished authors or illustrators. The award shall acknowledge innovative projects and the research they entail. 

  • The POETRY section is the 2021 BolognaRagazzi Award Special Category in acknowledgement of the wealth of poetry produced in recent years by the children’s publishing industry worldwide. Titles submitted must have been published in the last five (5) years. Unlike the other sections of the Award, the texts submitted to the Poetry section shall be considered by the Jury alongside the illustrations and graphic design, also in terms of how they dialogue with the visuals. 

The NEW HORIZONS SPECIAL JURY PRIZE shall be awarded at the discretion of the Jury to any works on whatever topic, submitted by publishers from any country. 

The Prizes – consisting of a Certificate of Appreciation of the selected works – will be awarded by an International Jury, which shall select the most deserving works in the above-mentioned categories as the winners. 

The special category POETRY award shall be adjudicated by the International BolognaRagazzi Award Jury in conjunction with a second independent jury made up of sector experts. 

The International Jury shall select the winners on the basis of graphic quality, artistic and technical excellence, and informational value, with particular reference to overall publishing excellence. In any event, the decisions of the International Jury shall be final. 


The participation at  BolognaRagazzi Award is free of charge and reserved to exhibitors at the Bologna Children's Book Fair in the period 2019-2021. 

Participation in the Award is subject to complete acceptance of these regulations. 

In particular, each participant declares and warrants that he is the owner of the rights necessary for the works to be submitted for the Award. Translated works shall not be accepted. 


Publishers participating in the Award may enter one or more works, provided that all entries are the original edition and have been published in the following period: 

  • FICTION: original editions published for the first time during the period 1 January 2019 - 31 December 2020 

  • NON FICTION: original editions published for the first time during the period 1 January 2019 - 31 December 2020 

  • COMICS: original editions published for the first time during the period 1 January 2016 - 31 December 2020 (with the exception of works submitted for the 2020 BolognaRagazzi Award) 

  • OPERA PRIMA (DEBUT WORK): original editions published for the first time during the period 1 January 2020 - 31 December 2020 

  • POETRY: original editions published for the first time during the period 1 January 2016 - 31 December 2020 


Three (3) copies of each title must be submitted, each copy accompanied by a completed Application Form. Entries must arrive at the address given below no later than 30 April 2021 by mail, express courier or hand-delivered. 


c/o Giannino Stoppani Cooperativa Sociale 

Via Nosadella 51/a 


Phone no.: + 39 051 5870550 /  +39 051 6154463 



Books entered for the competition must be dispatched in packaging bearing the prescribed packaging label that all Exhibitors shall receive via e-mail in pdf format on receipt of their request to participate in the award. 

All titles must be received by the BolognaRagazzi Award Secretariat carriage paid. All titles coming from outside the European Union must be sent with prepayment of all customs clearance and delivery costs (carriage paid to domicile cleared through customs) / DDP BOLOGNA (see the instructions sent by e-mail). 

Please note that the books received shall have no commercial value for BolognaFiere. It is therefore advisable for customs purposes to indicate a value consistent with use of the works for the sole purpose of participation in the competition. 

Each work shall be accepted for selection only if accompanied by its completed Application Form. Please print out the application confirmation you will receive by e-mail. 

BolognaFiere declines any liability in the event of non-delivery or late arrival of the titles submitted. 

Books received cannot be returned to sender or to any other address. 

ART. 5 - JURY 

All titles shall be submitted to the final decision of an International Jury, which shall be made up of publishing sector experts including graphic designers. 

The Jury reserves the right, should it deem necessary, to transfer works from one section to another and to adjudicate the Special Jury/New Horizons Prize from among all the entries in all the competition categories. 


The titles entered and received free of charge will under no circumstances be returned but may be used by BolognaFiere in permanent or itinerant promotional exhibitions in Italy or abroad. 

The Publisher shall remain the exclusive owner of its titles but grants BolognaFiere the non-exclusive right: 

  • to reproduce the titles entered and accepted on posters, flyers and other printed matter pertaining to the "Bologna Children’s Book Fair" as well as on any other kind of support (CD-ROM, CD-I, systems on-line); 

  • to use, and be entitled to cede this right to third parties, reproductions of the titles submitted and accepted in any form, even separately, in the trade show catalogue, as well as to reproduce said material in other publications pertaining to the "Bologna Children’s Book Fair", provided the author(s) and the publisher(s) of the work in question are clearly stated. 

BolognaFiere furthermore shall have the right to reproduce, also in part, the works submitted and accepted. 

BolognaFiere accepts no liability for eventual errors and omissions. Publishers shall forego all claims for compensation regarding the reproduction and use by BolognaFiere, which reserves the right to choose works in order to promote the exhibition “Bologna Children’s Book Fair” and the Awards listed in the Competition Call for Entries.  



The Prize, consisting of a Certificate of Appreciation, shall be awarded to the Publisher of the work declared the winner of its category. In the event of a joint publication, the Prize shall be awarded jointly to the Co-publishers concerned and shall be presented to the Publisher who submitted the application first. For the purposes of the competition, only those titles expressly indicated as co-publications on the cover and/or first page shall be regarded as such.  


BolognaFiere may, at its sole discretion, decide to cancel the Award or change the dates without any compensation whatsoever being due to the participants.  


The initiative governed by these regulations qualifies for the exemption referred to in art. 6 of Presidential Decree D. P. R. 430 of 26 October 2001. 


Relations between the participants in this initiative and BolognaFiere shall be governed by Italian law. Any disputes arising shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Italian judicial authorities and shall be the exclusive competence of the Bologna court of law.  


Participation in the Initiative and use of the awards are entirely free of charge and entail no obligation or commitment whatsoever over and above the provisions set out in these regulations.