COMICS - Middle Grade


Les Pissenlits (Dandelions)  

Éditions Sarbacane
Text and Art by Nina Six

What the jury said:
This engaging, delicate, nostalgic story evokes childhood memories, holidays, and friendship through events that take place during a dry, sunny summer in the south of France. Viewed with comic stylings through the eyes of a young protagonist, the book captures the magic of a joyful time when daily life morphs into an intriguing adventure and new friendships are cherished. The book stands out for its exceptional use of colour, brushwork, graphic design and narrative creativity; each page is well-composed and the overall structure harmonious and balanced.


Dronefangeren (The Drone Catcher)

Cappelen Damm
Text and art by Øyvind Torseter

What the jury said:
This story skilfully interweaves humour, adventure, and unexpected social commentary, all presented in a highly original manner. The city has been overrun by rats, and it looks like life will never return to normal. Rather than retreating, the protagonist decides to work with others and rid the city of these invaders. Bold layouts and expressive illustrations complement a style that moves between delicate and rough-hewn. The book’s square format heightens the storytelling, inviting readers to eagerly turn the pages. The jury was impressed by the book’s distinctive style, its use of contrasting linework, and its expressively effective storytelling.


Mergaitė su šautuvu. Istorija apie mergaitę partizanę (A Girl With a Gun. A Story About a Girl Partisan)

Misteris Pinkmanas
Text by Marius Marcinkevičius
Art by Lina Itagaki

What the jury said:
This story focuses on a Lithuanian girl’s journey to freedom during and after World War II, following her parents’ deportation to Siberia. Inspired by true events, the graphic novel tackles themes that continue to resonate in contemporary Europe. The jury praised the writer and illustrator’s partnership, flawlessly integrating the narrative and visuals to produce a work that expertly navigates the space between a children’s book and a graphic novel. The book is notably adept in handling delicate and complex historical subjects, while engaging young readers in a meaningful way.