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The European Book Fairs Network

The Bologna Children’s Book Fair is part of the Aldus Up project that build upon the successful experience of Aldus, the European Book Fairs network promoting the internationalisation of the book sector and the innovation of book fairs formats.

Aldus Up will develop studies, surveys and initiatives addressing core topics for the book sector: trends and promotion of translations in Europe, changes in reading habits - with particular attention to the impact of digitisation – innovation for books and reading promotion, new models for book fairs to develop and engage with their audience, foster transnational mobility of book professionals and increase inclusivity for specific target groups, in particular visually impaired people, linguistic minorities and migrants.

Publications and information resources developed by Aldus Up are presented in dedicated events hosted by European book fairs and made available online in form of articles, in-depth analyses and studies on the Aldus Up knowledge platform K-HUB, including some exclusive contents for members of the Aldus Community.

Aldus Up - Building Bridges in the Book World – is a large-scale cooperation project co-funded in the framework of Creative Europe Programme 2014-2020 coordinated by the Italian Publishers Association (AIE). In line with the richness and variety of the European book sector, the Aldus up partnership features both international and domestic book-fairs, national and European publishers’ associations and organisations with consolidated know-how and experiences in the areas of activities addressed by the project. 

2021 Bologna Children's Book Fair & Aldus Up

The Bologna Children’s Book Fair organises a programme of events aimed at promoting Aldus Up’s goals.

Here are the first activities organised in the framework of Aldus Up for BCBF 2021:

Bologna Children’s Book Fair Global Rights Exchange

Machine Translation & Human Creativity – online International Conference (13 March 2021; on demand 20 March - 31 July) 
A close look at the characteristics, practice and recent results of machine translation of literary works, with special focus on children’s books. Prominent sector specialists take stock of the situation, considering the theory behind ongoing research but also engaging in practical workshops to take an in-depth look at the tools available and the results produced in the field of creative literary texts. 

BolognaRagazzi CrossMedia Award (Live 14 June 2021, available until 30 September 2021)
Bologna Children's Book Fair has decided to reformulate the BolognaRagazzi Digital Award – the digital prize created a decade ago –  to broaden its scope and strengthen its connection with the world of books, establishing an award to select the best publishing projects that expand their narrative universe across different media or that are a narrative extension of a project originated in other media. The International Jury of the Award, composed of experts in interactive and graphic design, new media, video game, film and television works, aims to identify books derived from multimedia projects and narratives originally produced by the world of traditional publishing that have successfully been included or expanded across other platforms such as television, cinema, videogames, mobile devices, or smart speakers.

Content Reigns Supreme. New Digital Landscapes in Publishing and Licensing – online Masterclass (22 April 2021; on demand until 31 July 2021)
What are the different approaches to making children’s content that is engaging and unique? How can you broaden your business through multiple media channels, brands and consumer experience? This online Masterclass combines the rich cross-media expertise of Bologna Children’s Book Fair and Bologna Licensing Trade Fair, from publishing through licensing and digital: an intense day of sessions and insights into the main global trends in children’s content development, reserved for professionals in the publishing, licensing, media, and digital fields.

The Worldwide Illustrators Survival Portfolio – online Portfolio Review (12 June 2021)
24 international reviewers –  illustrators, art directors and agents – connected in videoconference from all corners of the world to review the portfolios of 240 Illustrators and give them tips on how to proceed on a career path.

BolognaBookPlus Headline International Conference (Live 14 June 2021, on demand until 31 July 2021)
BBPlus presents its first global general publishing conference, entitled Forging Forward: The Pandemic – An Interruption or An Opportunity to Rethink? 
Co-chairs Bodour Al Qasimi, IPA President, and Richard Charkin, Mensch Publishing, will guide the audience through a packed programme covering the publishing business post-Covid, accessibility, education, inclusivity, changing business models, technological enablement, sustainability, and more. Lots of bonus content are included, in addition to the main programme. 

International Forum on Literary Translation (Live 14 June 2021available until 30 September 2021)
Down the rabbit hole: working (and surviving) as a translator of children’s books. What are the general working conditions for translators of children’s books in Europe? What are their fees, royalties, contracts, negotiating power and visibility? An international panel will discuss good practices in different countries with a focus on what can be done to improve the situation. 

BolognaBookPlus: Literary Translation Forum (Live 16 June 2021on demand until 31 July 2021) 
Literature crosses cultures and geographies through the expertise of literary translators, often seen as the unsung heroes in the publishing supply chain. This new Literary Translation Forum shines a light on this important sector. Two eminent translators will take part in a Translation Slam Italian/English, and speakers from around the globe will debate the current challenges and opportunities for those in the business of translating literature. Event’s partners at Words without Borders will help shape this important and compelling event. 

Dust or Magic Masterclass, Online Edition (Live 15 June 2021, available until 30 September 2021)
As part of the special 2021 online program, the Bologna Children's Book Fair is delighted to once again offer a unique edition of the Dust or Magic Masterclass for all those interested in and making digital media for children today. 
The event will focus on the juror reports from the new Crossmedia award, along with discussions on innovation, ethics, platform trends and — if time — demos. 
ModeratorWarren Buckleitner, Editor, Children’s Technology Review, USA
Speakers: Jurors of the Crossmedia Award, including Cristina Angelucci, Editor in Chief, Licensing Magazine, Italy; Julie Fox, IP Expert and Executive Producer, Ireland-France; Roberta Franceschetti, Co-Founder, Mamamò and TheContentMakers, Italy; Neal Hoskins, Founder, Wingedchariot, United Kingdom;

Pre Registration required.

FROM PAGE TO SCREEN: What makes a book or series of books a good work for screen projects (Live 16 June 2021, 05.30 PM)

We often hear phrases like:
Film Adaptations Of Books Earn 53% More At The Worldwide Box Office (Adam Rowe, Forbes, July 11th, 2018)
70% of the world’s top 20 grossing films are based on books (Frontier Economics)
65% of film released in 2015 were from book properties (
In the US over 47 books are becoming movies and TV shows in 2021 (Perpetual Page – Turner). In fact, the link between the audiovisual and the publishing industry is long standing and important. In this panel, publishing rights sales experts, production company readers and producers will discuss the key elements in a work that make them good screen projects.

Jackets Off Masterclass's "Covers Go Digital" (Live 17 June 2021, on demand until 31 July 2021)
The masterclass is dedicated to the theme of cover design in the era of digital access, seeking visuals that stay strong across different media.
The event includes a special video contribution by graphic designer, Steven Heller, who looks at his work as art director of The New York Times’ Book Review: putting a cover on the book supplement.

Aldus Up in the BCBF Online Edition 

Aldus Up – the European Book Fairs network  – is co-funded in the framework of Creative Europe Programme 2014-2020 and coordinated by the Italian Publishers Association (AIE)