BCBF 2023, "Join the revolution! Giving every child good books”: Ibby International Congress 2024

"Join the revolution! Giving every child good books” is the title of the meeting where Ibby International Congress 2024 was presented. Chiara Carminati, author, and Roberto Piumini, author and honorary chairman of the Scientific Committee of the 2024 Congress, talked about what it means to "make a revolution" with quality books for children. This is the leading theme of the IBBY International Congress to be held in Trieste on August 30, 31 and September 1, 2024, in which Italy returns as host country after 66 years. Panel: Chiara Carminati, author; Roberto Piumini, author; Franco Fornaroli, Vice President Ibby Italia; Elisabetta Lippolis, scientific and technical committee Congress 2024, Board Member Ibby Italia.