BCBF 2023, Transatlantic connections: literature, childhood and youth

This round table starts a conversation between African productions and those from Latin and North America. Authors, mediators, and editors will exchange ideas from a common source that will spread with more or less ease according to region. The recognition today of a black literature, aimed at an Afro-descendant community is on the agenda. Understanding what place this occupies in the market, and among the majority of readers, is a central theme. Moderator: Dolores Prades, Director of the Instituto Emilia, Brazil. Panel: Anel Perez, Director of Literature and Reading Promotion in the Coordination of Cultural Diffusion of the UNAM, Mexico; Bel Santos Mayer, project coordinator at the Queiroz Filho Brazilian Institute of Studies and Community Support and manager of the LiteraSampa Reading Network, Brazil; Vélia Vidal, Director at Corporación Educativa y Cultural Motete, Colombia; William Adjété Wilson, illustrator, Togo and France. Event is organized by Bologna Children's Book Fair and Instituto Emilia