BCBF 2023, Mapping - The Illustrated Map: Klaas Verplancke

The final act of the European four-year project to investigate the relationship between early childhood and the performing arts, “Mapping - a map on the aesthetics of performing art for early years”, conducted through the context of the annual illustration contest “Il Bambino Spettatore” - The Child Spectator – (an artistic research project supported by the European Union within the Creative Europe programme, in which the Bologna Children’s Book Fair is a partner, theinitiative has involved 18 institutions, theatres and artists from 17 European countries, led by La Baracca - Testoni Ragazzi Theatrethe youth and children’s theatre in the city of Bologna)The project culminated with the exhibition, developed for the 60th edition of the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, “La Mappa illustrate” (The Illustrated Map), including 34 specifically produced works – all based on a series of questions about the performing arts – by four major names in international illustration: Fabian Negrin, Manuel Marsol, Katsumi Komagata and Klaas Verplancke.