BCBF 2020 ONLINE SPECIAL EDITION – Children's Publishing in the "New Normal”

This international online session “Children's Publishing in the ‘New Normal’: How Children's Publishers are Adapting to a Post-Pandemic World” focuses on how Covid-19 pandemic has affected the children’s publishing industry. Which long-term effects will the virus have on children's publishing, both in terms of business practices and changes in the types of books that will be in demand? Speakers: Maria Russo, Children’s Book Editor at the New York Times in conversation with Bodour Al Qasimi (Kalimat Group, UAE and Vice President IPA - International Publishers Association); Sophie Giraud (Hélium Éditions, France), Jack Jensen (Chronicle Books, USA), Cecilia Silva-Díaz (Ediciones Ekaré, Spain – Venezuela), Gaia Stock (Edizioni EL -Einaudi Ragazzi, Italy), Sahar Tarhandeh (TUTI Books, Iran), Roger Thorp (Thames & Hudson, UK), Gita Wolf (Tara Books, India), Zhang Yuntao (Daylight, China).