BCBF2020 Online Special Edition | The Winners of the BRAW - COMICS YOUNG ADULT CATEGORY

Speakers: Animo Chen, Author and Artist; Rex How, Chairman, Locus Publishing; Yi-chun Lin, Deputy Editor in Chief, Locus Publishing. In conversation with Emilio Varrà, Hamelin Associazione Culturale What the jury said on THE SHORT ELEGY (Locus Publishing, Taiwan, 2019): “The judges were unanimous in awarding the prize to this beautiful and singular book. Chen is Taiwanese, but this is a comic that may be enjoyed by anyone, from anywhere, whatever language they speak. A collection of stories that centre around loss of various kinds, Chen’s wordless, sequential images are the visual equivalent of poems: exquisitely spare, yet multi-textured. In one, a young boy encounters death for the first time. In another, a woman mourns the loss of her son. The judges hope that by awarding Animo the prize, his book – and Taiwanese comics in general, of which many brilliant ones were submitted – will find a new and wider audience."