BCBF 2020 Online Special Edition | The Winners of the BolognaRagazzi Award 2020 - COMICS MIDDLE GRADE CATEGORY

Speaker: Sergio Honorez, Editorial Director, Dupuis. In conversation with Emilio Varrà, Hamelin Associazione Culturale What the jury said on IMBATTABLE. JUSTICE ET LÉGUMES FRAIS (Dupuis, Belgium, 2017 - Text and art by Pascal Jousselin): “Imbattable may look like an average humour-comic with a clumsy superhero. In truth, Imbattable (Invincible) is the smartest and most powerful of all comic-heroes because his superpowers stem from his ability to use the visual language of comics to defeat the villains. He travels not only through time and space, but from panel to panel and page to page, sends his earlier or future self messages and even rescues himself. Pascal Jousselin is a virtuoso in the use of the visual language of comics and its self-reflexive potential. There's probably never been a comic about the language of comics as funny as Imbattable."