BCBF2020 Online Special Edition | The Winners of the BolognaRagazzi Award - NEW HORIZONS SPECIAL JURY PRIZE

Speakers: Iwona Chimielewska, Author and Illustrator; Ji-won Lee, Translator. In conversation with Marcella Terrusi, PhD in Children’s Literature, University of Bologna What the jury said on the book LULLABY FOR GRANDMOTHER (BIR Publishing , South Korea, 2019): “A Polish artist’s established collaboration with a Korean publisher has created this unusual picturebook, which has used first-class production and design to reclaim the artistic value of crafts. Transforming a collection of lace, handkerchiefs, embroidered linens, and domestic fabrics – the stuff of her grandmother’s dowry - this book tells the story of the grandmother’s life from childhood to adulthood in a visual masterpiece."