BCBF 2020 Online Special Edition | The Winners of the BolognaRagazzi Award - NON FICTION CATEGORY

Speakers: Fausta Orecchio, Publisher, Orecchio Acerbo Editore; Claudia Palmarucci, Illustrator. In conversation with Marcella Terrusi, PhD in Children’s Literature, University of Bologna What the jury said on the book MARIE CURIE. NEL PAESE DELLA SCIENZA (Orecchio Acerbo, Italy, 2019 - Text by Irène Cohen-Janca): “Telling the story of a life without being just a rehearsal of facts, this is a moving biography that is at the same time intimate and public. Despite its realistic style and historical accuracy, it has a surreal quality, and is constantly pervaded with a yellow tone that suggests the irradiation of polonium. It uses visual references to works of art of different times which are all annotated extensively at the back so the book brings art history and science together."