Laurence Le Guen

Le Guen

Laurence Le Guen is the author of a thesis on photolitterature for children, an exhibition curator and president of the association Les Amis d'Ergy Landau. She is a research fellow at the Cellam Laboratory at the University of Rennes 2 and at KU Leuven. She also is member of Afreloce and a professor of Literature. She runs the website Miniphlit | Photolittérature pour la jeunesse ( Her latest articles are dedicated to the unfinished books of the photographer Robert Doisneau, to the collaboration between Jacques Prévert and the photographer Ylla and to the works of the couple Suzi Pilet-Alexis Peiry. Her book "150 ans de photolittérature pour les enfants " has been published in April 2022 by MeMo. 

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