Training @BBPlus

A defining and important element of BBPlus is the training offer, which comprises three core training events: How to Sell Rights and Understand Licensing in Children’s Books; Call Your Agent: How to Become a Successful Literary Agent, and Writing and Self-Publishing in Italy and Beyond. Each event is crafted to deliver the important knowledge and processes to assist individuals in building skills and confidence. They are led by expert speakers from the industry. The knowledge and skills learnt are enhanced by the unique networking opportunities and the Q & A speaker sessions.

These take place in person during the fair, and are subsequently available online on the website. 

The 2023 Events

There are three half day training events in 2023:

How to Sell Rights and Understand Licensing in Children’s Books 

This training event will ensure that you understand the cornerstone of copyright, and the essential steps of rights selling, whether you are starting off, or considering a career in rights; are in your first year or two and wish to consolidate the basics; you work in contracts or related areas, or you are a self-published children’s author. It will consider thoroughly those all-important essentials: copyright, rights, contracts, and how to start selling - all with a sharp focus on children’s IP.

The training will be delivered by children’s rights experts with proven experience in selling rights and licensing for children’s books across many territories and markets.


Writing and Self-Publishing 

Self-publishing is fast becoming an accessible and respected route for new and aspiring Italian authors to get their work published. There are increasing options of platforms and services available, and the successful self-published names are likely to get much of the attention of traditional publishers, and can result in hybrid options, creating wider audiences, recognition, and sales.

Getting started is often the biggest challenge. It can be very confusing. This event will guide aspiring authors through the knowledge and initial steps that are required to navigate the self-publishing journey.


Call Your Agent: How to Become a Successful Literary Agent 

Literary agents and scouts are a very important element of the publishing realm. Literary agents represent writers, assisting them in obtaining publishing contracts, and negotiating the best terms for those contracts. The focus on the business side of publishing, but offer their writers creative guidance too. It is not always evident how to start off in this arena. In the past you typically needed agency or publishing experience.

This unique training event is aimed at those who are thinking of a career in literary representation, are in the early stages of working in this area, or wish to set up and agency or scouting business. Topics covered include the role of the agent; how publishing works; how to find authors; scouting and success case studies