Self-Publishing: How to Succeed in Italy and Abroad 2024

This event is curated by BolognaBookPlus, in collaboration with ArgentoVivo

Bologna Book Plus confirms for 2024 its attention to authors and writers - whether they want to publish with a publisher, to self-publish or make writing their job - offering them two unique days of training and updating.
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8th April 2024

Self-Publishing: A Focus on your writing

The authors’ toolbox

OVERTURE ROOM (Services Centre, 1°floor, D)

9.30-10.30 The writer’s job - Alessandra Selmi (Lorem Ipsum agency)
From the writing stages - writing, editing and dealing with the editor - to publishing. Tips and tricks from the author of Al di qua del fiume, 2022 best seller 2022 (Nord)

10.30-11.20 The literary agent: when it is necessary to turn to a professional - Jacopo Viganò (Lorem Ipsum agency)
The literary agent is the link between author and publisher. The agent identifies the most suitable publishing houses in relation to the book, and can also follow the entire process, from writing to publication. The agent knows the publishing market to search the most effective strategy for its author. But how to recognize a good literary agent and what does a really good agent do?

11.20-11.30 Break

11.30-12.10 Writing with artificial intelligence - Valentina Federici (lawyer and writer)
Writing based on artificial intelligence is at the center of discussions and reflections also in relation to the creation of content and texts. The question that emerges is whether authors and writers can use AI-based writing tools.

12.10-13.00 Copyright protection. With and without artificial intelligence - Beatrice Cunegatti (IT Law Firm)
The speech aims to retrace the essential points of copyright that anyone who wants to dedicate to publishing must know, starting from those who choose to be managers of intangible assets on their creations: when you call yourself the author of a work (and when instead just the creator of a good idea), how to  protect it against plagiarism (and when it is already protected without you doing anything), what happens when you entrust it to others for its promotion, publication or translation (and what you should pay attention to in the contracts you sign), and how to do all this under pseudonym (or writing four-handed).

Afternoon workshop

14.00 -17.30 Writing Workshop. Your style, your voice. How to create original writing - Alessandra Perotti (Editor, ghostwriter and writer coach)
The importance of expressing personal style and voice means writing and communicating in a unique and original way. We often forget how fundamental it is to work on oneself in order for all this to emerge with determination. Let’s work together, writing and practicing, on the characterization of style and narrative voice.



9th April 2024

In the course of the day you will take stock of the self-publishing market and, above all, will be given indications on how to promote and distribute your book independently and effectively.

Self-publishing and promoting 

OVERTURE ROOM (Services Centre, 1°floor, D) - Sara Speciani moderates and introduces

9.30-9.40 Welcome and introduction

9.40-10.00 The Self publishing Italian market - Sara Speciani
Starting from the data provided by the Italian Publishers Association on the Italian book market, we will analyze the Self Publishing development in Italy in recent years, trying to understand its evolution and future trends. 

10.00-10.40 The self publishing market abroad - Clive Herbert (Nielsen BookData)
An update on the Self-Publishing Market for 2023 and some guidance on Using Metadata to Maximise Discovery & Sales

10.40-11.00 The distribution and promotion of the book in Italy - Enrico Quaglia (NW Consulenza e Marketing Editoriale e Promedi)
How book distribution works for publishers and why self publishers must make different choices.

11.00-11.10 Break

11.10-12.00 Books and digital platforms - Sebastiano Iannizzotto e Valentina Rivetti (dieci04 creative agency)
Tools and strategies to promote books and to build a community of readers.

12.00-12.30 The importance of the network for authors - Claudio Secci e Gabriele Dolzadelli (CSU, Collettivo Scrittori Uniti)
Associationism has a long tradition, especially in publishing, but what options are there for authors, especially self authors? The CSU case

12.30-13.00 Romance: when the community works - Lidia Ottelli (Festival Romance Italiano)
The data show that romance is one of the sectors where there are the greatest increases in sales and, also, the largest number of self authors. But how does this sector work and, above all, how to create your own community?

Afternoon workshops

14:30 Self-publish successfully with Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing - Andrea Pasino (Amazon KDP)
Learn the essentials of setting up your book, including mastering metadata, selecting categories, optimizing keywords, managing customer reviews, and navigating release options. Dive into strategies for connecting with readers through KDP Select, Author Central and A+ Content. Discover valuable resources like help pages and KDP Community, and dedicated KDP support to elevate your self-publishing journey.

16:30 Community Development Collaborating with Micro-Creators: From Organic Content to Paid Outreach and Legal Considerations - Camilla Riccadonna and Zuzanna Brzezinska (Tandem Collective)
The talk focuses on the importance of collaborating with micro-creators on Instagram and TikTok to develop word of mouth for debut authors as well as established brands. Based on the speakers' unique experience at digital marketing agency The Tandem Collective, the workshop covers a strategic overview and then delves deeper into specific case studies and latest trends to maximise exposure on social media channels. From organic content creation to paid outreach and legal considerations, the talk focuses on best practice in social media management, based on the latest trends on social media platforms, creator economy and audiobook marketing. The role of Readalongs, Tandem’s trademarked collective reading experiences, is analysed in detail providing unique insights to maximize engagement rate and leverage the potential of cross-format releases (physical, ebook and audiobook).

Event description

Self-publishing is in increasingly recognised and popular route for aspiring authors to get their work published.

There are many options of platforms and services available, and the successful self-published names are likely to get the attention of traditional publishers, and can result in hybrid options, creating wider audiences, recognition, and sales.

Day one will focus on the writing element, and day two on how to self-publish and promote your books.

Curated by BBPlus
In collaboration with Argentovivo
Supported by Kdp
Supported by Passione Scrittore



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