Welcome to the Chinese Market

Common Challenges, Shared Opportunities

 online edition

Welcome to the Chinese Market. Common Challenges, Shared Opportunities.

Working Together to Restore Confidence in the Global Children’s Publishing Industry

5 May 2020, 2.00 pm


We are living in exceptional circumstances that affect every aspect of our lives and will bring many changes to the publishing industry. In this unprecedented context, we must get ready to face new challenges and seek for every opportunity available. Now more than ever, understanding the business, sharing market information and building joint strategies are vital to the future of our industry.

This is why we have deployed all the resources at hand to offer this online session about the Chinese children’s book industry, as the continuation of the “Welcome to the Chinese Market” session held at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair last year in March. 

It will feature a comprehensive analysis of the Chinese children’s book industry development in 2019, delivered by Ren Dianshun, one of China’s leading market analysts and editor-in-chief at China Publishers magazine. This report will be followed by presentations by Fu Dawei, President of Tomorrow Publishing (China) and LeeAnn Bortolussi, International Foreign Rights Manager of Giunti Editore (Italy) to share their experience as some of the most active stakeholders in the publishing exchange running between China and the rest of the world.

Finally, we will share a few elements on what we are preparing to offer our best support to the publishing community at the next edition of the China Shanghai Children’s Book Fair due to take place from 13 to 15 November 2020. 


1. Greetings 

Elena Pasoli, Exhibition Manager, Bologna Children's Book Fair

2. Introduction

Donna Chai, General Manager, BolognaFiere China Ltd. & Ronbo BolognaFiere Shanghai Ltd. (China)

3. Report on the 2019 China Children's Publishing Industry

Speaker: Ren Dianshun, Editor in Chief of China Publishers Magazine, Researcher of China South Publishing & Media Group (China)
Short intro:
In 2019, the overall sales of China's children's books were 23.2 billion RMB. The proportion of imported children’s books was undergoing some changes during the past years. In the future, the market will continue to grow at a different pace compared to past decade.

4. Building Confidence and Embracing Challenges to Promote the Sustainable Development and Prosperity in the Children’s Book Publishing Industry 

Speaker: Fu Dawei, President of Tomorrow Publishing House (China)
Short intro:
The sudden outbreak of the Covid-2019 in early 2020 has influenced all aspects of our society and economy, including in the children's book publishing industry. Thanks to good market foundations and a strong reader demand, the overall market for Chinese children's books has just slightly declined, but it has not been hit hard. We believe that China's children's book publishing industry will keep on growing after the epidemic and pursue its prosperous path initiated 15 years ago.

5.  Traveling the World: The colorful bridge of children’s books between Italy and China

Speaker: Lee Ann Bortolussi, International Foreign Rights Manager, Giunti Editore (Italy)
Short intro:
Giunti has been present in the international children’s book market for many years, and all of the imprints in our group have exchanged rights with China. Despite changes and developments big and small in our reciprocal markets over time, the bridge between Italy and China, between Giunti and our Chinese publishers, remains strong, enthusiastic, and very colorful. A closer look will show us what it is made of, and what lies ahead in the world of children’s books.

6. From Bologna to Shanghai, a Glance at CCBF - China Shanghai International Children's Book Fair

Speaker: Donna Chai, General Manager of BolognaFiere China Ltd. & Ronbo BolognaFiere Shanghai Ltd. (China)


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