Design and Illustration @BBPlus

Bologna is where culture meets style and commercial relationships are created. Bologna Children’s Book Fair is renowned for its focus on design and illustration. BBPlus follows this lead, in the general trade arena, and offers much for those interested in this aspect of the industry.

Jackets Off! Is a competition to put design in general trade publishing at the heart of the business of books. Now in its third year, the showcase will be centred around one title published across many international editions. 2022’s title was the international bestseller, The Handmaid’s Tale, Jackets Off examined the different interpretations of this contemporary classic across cultures and languages. 2023’s iteration will be announced very soon.

Book Jacket Design: Celebrating the Best of the Best is an international award and showcase for jacket design in general trade publishing. Created in 2022, the resultant showcase at the fair celebrated the best jackets from five selected countries for a book published between January 2020 and December 2021: China; Poland; Ireland; Canada; UAE. The winner was Lichenstein’s Raster (Warstwy), cover design by Joanna Jopkiewicz, Poland.
In March 2023 The Raven by Shakespearikon Editions was the winner of the Jacket Design: Best of the Best competition. The contest was open to all participating Greek publishers and the jury were Matt Dorfman art NYT-Book Review, Cristiano Guerri, art Feltrinelli and Aida Fernandez Pena, La Petite Cabane.