Digital café


The Digital cafe returns for a second year at the fair. With over twenty talks and panel discussions visit Hall 26 B90 to be part of the vibrant and changing landscape of children's publishing today.


10.30 - 11.15 am

Digital and the Illustrator - Part One 

Junko Yokota, Peter Sís, Klaas Verplancke and Roger Mello. Professor Junko Yokota interviews a handful of the leading world-class illustrators about the past, present and future of their work, in print and digitally.

11.30 -12.15 pm
From Book to App: a Cooperative Approach

Paolo Canton (publisher), Antonella Abbatiello (Illustrator and animator), Stefano Baldassarre (graphic designer Lorenzo De Tomasi (interface designer)This is the story of how a book project evolved into an app project. The tale of an experience still under way which involves a publisher, an editor, an illustrator, a graphic designer, an interface designer and his two-year-old son, and many, many others.

12.15 - 1.00 pm
The Bologna Ragazzi Digital Award Annual Report

What Makes a Winning eBook and App. Hundreds were entered, few were picked. Which captured the hearts of the jurors of this year's Bologna Ragazzi Digital Prize? Warren Buckleitner and some of his expert jurors in conversation on this new award for publishers

Timbuktu, the first iPad magazine for children.

What is a an iPad magazine for children? How do you design it? Which are the challenges? How do you make it stick? Art Director Samuele Motta looks at the work of this new and innovative kid’s magazine.


2.00 - 2.30pm
Adapting Content for mLearning - Matthew Growney, Isabella Products

As schools and parents look to publishers to avail their content into digital delivery models, there is more and more interest in pairing such content with children's respective education initiatives. While some children's content is fine for just "entertainment", how could your content be used to help teach children? How can I prepare and partner to allow my content access to global classrooms and into the hands of the littlest consumers?

2.45 - 3.15 pm
The Toca Boca Story - Paulina Modlitba Söderlund, Community Manager.

Toca Boca have had enormous success in selling app based digital content for children around the world their community manager will discuss encouraging exploration and imaginative play with digital toys in her presentation.

3.30 - 4.00 pm
Talk to the book - Turning reading into a dialogic experience for kids - Mother App Developer/Publisher

A Children’s book is more than just a book. It is also an ideal medium where children and parents talk about the story and interact with each other. This is known as ‘dialogic reading’, and it is proven scientifically that by prompting children various elements in the story and asking them open questions, their literacy and language skills are improved.In this session, we will show how we apply the essence of dialogic reading into digital Children’s book even without the physical presence of the grownups. It creates a fun and novel reading experience for children and also enhances their comprehension of the story.

4.30 - 5.00
Building a Publishing Strategy for the Next generation - Kate Wilson, Nosy Crow.

Kate Wilson in conversation with Julia Eccleshare from The Guardian talks about her publishing experience at Nosy Crow in print and digital areas. How do you balance and thrive in today’s market with a paper and digital list of titles?



10 - 10.45 am
Digital and the Illustrator - Part Two

Martin Salisbury and students from Anglia Ruskin University MA in Illustration Programme. Digital illustration’ has become a redundant term as artists increasingly fuse old and new technologies to create their work and the digital becomes invisible. Happily, illustration students and graduates will always break rules and buck trends. What are the key issues and skills for illustrators and illustration students in terms digital technologies?

10.30 - 11.15am

GoMadKids a unique online game and story book concept.
Mike Gaunt from GoMadKids introduces an exciting and innovative new game concept for
children aged up to 12 years.

11.30 - 12.15pm
Quantity and Quality: new tools for publishers facing the digital way

PubCoder allows publisher to approach digital publishing with efficient and affordable tools. A solution conceived together with publishers, authors, illustrators, that is all those who have contents to transfer onto a tablet, pc or smartphone.
An easy solution to build a digital, multi-platform, multi-lingual, high quality catalogue. 100 e-books in 100 days - this is the challenge launched with DeAgostini: for those who want to know what happened ...
Meet Paolo Giovine and Paolo Albert, creators of PubCoder, and Michele Giliberti, Digital Manager DeAgostini Libri.

12.15 - 12.45pm
From Paper to Tablet.

Dada presents their Ragazzi winner application for 2013.How would you update a classic and get your characters come to life? José María Martínez from DADA Company Edutainment will show some success cases in transforming classic storybooks into rich animated and interactive Book Apps

2.00 - 2.30pm
Introducing Kindoma Storytime - Connected Reading For Families. Tico Ballagas

Long-distance families are struggling to keep in touch, and are increasingly adopting new technology to spend time together. Kindoma Storytime enables young children to read books together with their remote family, including grandparents. Books provide a shared activity that structures video communication, resulting in longer and richer family interactions at a distance. For publishers, our solution provides a unique channel to monetize content that expands the market for grandparents purchasing children's books.


2.45 - 3.15pm
Building an interactive Kid’s Book library - App Generation

With publishers looking to make new revenue streams from backlists and new content Eduardo Carqueja will present his solutions for everyone looking to publish their content on iOS and Android platforms. With unique marketing and editorial tools included Eduardo will look at the new interactive kid’s book library software developed by Appgeneration.


3.30 - 4.15pm
Children, literacy and new media in the 21st century

A discussion between Ewa Thorslund, director, Swedish Media Council and Johan Unenge, Reading Ambassador According to Swedish, Nordic and European surveys,children start to use the internet at an early stage, in Sweden for example 50% of all 3 year-olds are “frequent internet users”. Mediated texts play an important role in forming our world and views. The digital gap is no longer just between young and old, it´s between those who have the ability, motivation and skills to find, analyze, evaluate and create a content in a digitized world , and those who can´t. How can we give all children the right to online content and tools.

4.30 - 5.00pm
Pushing the Boundaries of Digital Storytelling: Ten Examples.

Warren Buckleitner CEO Children’s Tech Review and Bologna Ragazzi award judge.Do you want to know which products are pushing the limits of innovation and excellence? Here's live demonstration of ten products that every children's publisher should download, immediately.



10 - 10.30am
From an Author’s Point of View: Building Good Stuff for Young Kids - Stuart Murphy

Things are going wild out there in how we communicate information to young children. This session is about how to do it right, how to honor the content, how to engage kids, and how to be sure that our messages hit home!


10.30 - 11.15am
ePub in 2013 – what became of the standard? - codeMantra

ePub sill touts itself as the standard format for eBooks, but there are a lot of varieties and alternatives to the reflowable text format. In this session codeMantra experts explore the constraints and capabilities of the various ePub 2.0 and 3.0 compliant devices while weighing the potential for a single optimized ePub file. In this session Frank Weihenig from codeMantra lays out the landscape of options and their constraints, while looking for the optimal eBook solution. What are the benefits of a fixed layout and what sort of content is best delivered with this format?


11.30 - 12.15 pm
Futurefair - TOC and The Bologna Children’s Bookfair

Joe Wikert, Kat Meyer, Roberta Chinni
What does the next 50 years hold for the Bologna fair and what’s next for the collaboration between O’Reilly Media and the biggest Children’s book fair in the world. Kat, Joe and Roberta will discuss the hot topics of publishing today and how the BCBF and TOC teams can work on providing a platform and venue for success.


1.00 - 1.30 pm
eBooks for Children: Formats and Distribution - John B. Costa CTO - Chief Technology Officer

There are currently a wide variety of eBook formats for publishers to choose from and even more options for distribution. The visual design of the electronic version compared to the printed book depends heavily on the formats chosen and the output devices targeted. In this session we will compare and contrast a number of different ebook formats - how each represents a typical children's book electronically. We will also talk about the distribution channels available for each type of eBook and take a close look at the direct channel offered by Qbend and its parent company, S4Carlisle Publishing Services.

2.00 - 2.45 pm
From Beskow to Digital

Linus Feldt, CEO Filimundus app maker since the early 90’s together with Lena Kåreland professor, Uppsala University. Moderator: Ylva Lagercrantz Spindler. On stories from the past and from today and what digital media can do to stories. What does the digital evolution mean, from the reader’s point of view?


3.15 - 4.00 pm
What is a portfolio in the digital age? Using social networks in promotion the Illustrator's work

Anna Castagnoli (author, illustrator and blogger at, Paolo Canton (publisher, Topipittori) and Miguel Tanco(illustrator and blogger) discuss about new ways and possibilities to promote their work.New technologies offer new tools to present and promote editorial projects: Facebook, Pinterest, blogs, self-productions, crowdfunding.


4.00 - 4.30 pm
Are children reading digital or just playing games

Sally Hughes, Oxford Brookes University with students from the digital publishing MA. Digital storytelling offers animation, sound and interactivity and sales figures of these new digital products show robust take up and use. But, what reading does a child experience from these products? How important is the mix of reading opportunities with interactivity and what research evidence supports casual impressions and anecdotes about children's experiences of digital products?


4.30 - 5.00pm
Rita the Lizard leaps to the iPad - Irene Blasco

Irene BLasco explains her approach to how she has adapted a paper book and not falling into the error of making a digital copy of it. She will look at how they explored all the possibilities offered by publishing on the iPad.