This year four products emerged as the overall winners.



vincitore braw digital 1


The Gardens Between 
The Voxel Agents, 2018, Australia

Author: The Voxel Agents

Illustrator: Soft Science

This is the story of two young friends who learn what it means to grow up, by moving through a series of beautifully illustrated puzzles together. The user experience is exceptional and the puzzles add an increasing cognitive challenge that engages all ages from 7+. Runs on Switch, Xbox and PS4, Mac and PC.




Wonderscope/A Brief History of Amazing Stunts 
Preloaded/Within, 2018, UK

Author: Beth Garrod

Illustrator: PRELOADED

Augmented reality meets voice recognition in this iOS only app, where you use short voice commands to solve problems that might include helping a stunt plane fly around your room. Jurors loved the beautiful design and  sense of humor. The AR encourages you to explore your physical space as it draws you into the experience. Runs on iOS (Apple Devices).




Montessori Preschool 
Edoki Academy, 2017, France

Author and Illustrator: EDOKI ACADEMY

Subscription based collections of apps abound this year, but few have been as well maintained and updated as this one, with original content that the jurors felt is true to the Montessori label. The service offers an exceptional range of games and activities that support early years, for ages 3-7. Runs on Android, Kindle and iOS.




Bayard Presse, 2017, France

Author: Bayard, TOBO STUDIO, VV.AA

Illustrator: Bayard, VV.AA

With the emergence of a number of curated children’s digital content collections this year, Bayam stands out as one with the highest overall level of quality. It’s clear that great care has been taken to put together innovative titles that include some past Bologna Ragazzi Digital Award winners. Ages 3-6 years.