Online Edition
14-17 June 2021

Forging Forward: The Pandemic
An Interruption, or an Opportunity to Rethink

The event is curated by BolognaBookPlus - In partnership with AIE In collaboration with IPA - Sponsored by Beat Technology

How the global publishing industry builds the future inclusively, accessibly, sustainably and profitably

This full day headline conference delivers a thorough understanding of the new challenges facing the global publishing industry, vital in order for companies to forge a secure future. The speed and complexity of change recently has set many challenges, but with these come new opportunities. The programme will enable deeper insights into the publishing landscape now, combined with ideas, inspiration and pathways for moving forward strategically and confidently.

Co-chairs, Bodour Al Qasimi President of the International Publishers Association (IPA) and Richard Charkin, founder of Mensch Publishing will be joined by a truly global roster of experienced publishers, leaders and others, who will inspire, enthuse and inform.




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Event description

The packed programme is created around five theme pillars - In Focus -  each introduced by an Inspire 10 leadership keynote, and followed by an In Practice deeper dive, with case studies, practical solutions, and debate from a panel of international publishers and leaders. The pillars are: Next gen readers; Sustainability; Education; Enabling Technology, and Content across media and geographies.  In tandem with this comprehensive programme is an equally compelling Webinar on Demand stream. Themes will include; accessibility;  sustainability; inclusivity; audio publishing; copyright and more.


Curated by
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Sponsored by
 Beat technology

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Aldus Up – the European Book Fairs network
is co-funded in the framework of Creative Europe Programme 2014-2020
and coordinated by the Italian Publishers Association (AIE)




09:15 A.M.
Gianpiero Calzolari, President of BolognaFiere S.p.A.
Ricardo Franco Levi, President of Associazione Italiana Editori (AIE)

09:20 A.M.     
Welcome from conference chairs
Bodour Al Qasimi & Richard Charkin

09:35 A.M.                 
Keynote on the 125th anniversary of the IPA
Bodour Al Qasimi, President of the International Publishers Association (IPA)

09:45 A.M.                 
Changing Reading Habits and Securing the Next Generation of Readers: What, and how they'll be Reading, and the Place of Technology.
Caroline Michel, Peters Fraser Dunlop; Deborah Akenkorah, African Book Stories; Felicia Lowe, Difference Engine


10:45 A.M.                 
Keynote Interview

11:15 A.M.                 

11:45 A.M.                 
Equality in Education: Has the Pandemic Changed the Role of Publishing?
Jane Mann, Cambridge Partnership for Education; Kumuriwor Alira Bushiratu, Learners Girls Foundation;Ameena Saiyid, Lightstone 
Moderator: Stephan de Valk, IPA Educational Publishers Forum 

12:45 P.M.                 

01:15 P.M.     
Karine Pansa, Vice-President of the International Publishers Association (IPA)

01:30 P.M.     
Sustainability and a Viable Future for Publishing. Navigating the Roadmap and Timing for a better future.
Rachel Launay, British Council Italy
Moderator: Michiel Kolman, IPA Inclusive Publishing & Literacy Committee 

01:45 P.M.     

02:30 P.M.     
Keynote Interview

03:00 P.M.     

03:30 P.M.     
Taking Local Content Global: The Secret of Success in Building Global Audiences and Content across Media and Geographies
Allen Lau, Wattpad; Sidharth Jain, Storybook; Mette Hammerich Caserta, Saga Egmont
Moderator: Diego Echevarria, Ink It.

04:30 P.M.     
Innovation: Staying in Business, Forging Forward and Making a Profit.
Veronique Fontain, FonFon; Nathan Hull, Beat Technology

05:30 P.M.     
Wrap up with Richard Charkin: 125th anniversary of the IPA.




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Participants will receive an Attendance Certificate. The Certificate will be available 7 days after the event, and can be downloaded from the BCBF Visitors Reserved Area on the “My purchases” page.