24H MARATHON The Worldwide Illustrators Survival Portfolio

The event has been organised in partecipation with Mimaster Illustrazione Milano

24 international editors review 240 portfolios in 24 hours.

The portfolio marathon that virtually brings together the global community of illustrators for a 24-hour review is back after its inaugural edition in 2020.
For 2021, 24 international publishers connected via Zoom from New Zealand, Mexico, Italy, China, Spain and Korea to review 240 Illustrators’ portfolios and offer career pointers.



Videochat live on ZOOM






  • 24H MARATHON was a live video chat that ran from 00:01 to 11:59 (Italian time) on 12 June. Each publisher was  online for an hour, conducting 6-minute live portfolio reviews with ten different illustrators. 
    This second edition of the 24H MARATHON has a great new feature.
    After taking part to the marathon, you can choose to purchase a place on the new illustrator program, The Publishers Annual Review: A 12-month-long Marathon.
    Not just the publisher you’re going to meet  during the marathon but the 23 other international publishers will be able to assess, download and save your portfolio.
    Membership lasts for 12 months, until 30 June 2022. Purchase it from June 14 to June 30. 

  • Only illustrators who took part the Marathon will be able to pay and take part in THE PUBLISHERS ANNUAL REVIEW online repository.



Event description

The online portfolio review returns for a second time to bring together the world community of illustrators in a 24 hour non-stop marathon review session.

24 international reviewers - illustrators, art directors and agents – will connect in videoconference from all corners of the world to review the portfolios of 240 Illustrators and give them tips on how to proceed on a career path.

Each participant will have 6 minutes in a live videochat with one marathon reviewer who will give feedback on the participant’s portfolio.

The world editorial market is just a click away. 

The 24 international reviewers include: Julia Marshall (Geckopress), Margrete Lamond, Sanghyun Chun (Sang Publishing house), K.T. Hao (Green Press), Jin Xiaojing, Shobha VIswanath (Karadi Tales), Sigita Pūkienė (Aukso žuvys), Arianna Squilloni (A buen Paso), Dianna Chamma (Kalimat – Emirates), Maciej Byliniak (Wydawnictwo Dwie Siostry), Lilly Gottwald (Nobrow), Arthorn Techatada (Elite Creative Literary Agency), Pietro Corraini (Corraini Edizioni), Mariagrazia Mazzitelli (Salani Editore), Ernesto Rodrìguez Abad (Diego Pun Ediciones), Dolores Prades (), Ana Pavez (Editorial Amanuta), Peggy Espinosa (Petra Ediciones), and Allyn Johnston (Beach Lane Books) 


The event is curated by In the framework of In the framework of Aldus Up
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Aldus Up – the European Book Fairs network – is co-funded in the framework of Creative Europe Programme 2014-2020 and coordinated by the Italian Publishers Association (AIE)




How to take part in the 24H MARATHON

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