59th edition
21-24 March 2022
Bologna - Italy



Město pro každého    

Text by Osamu Okamura
Illustrations and models by David Böhm and Jiři Franta
Photographs by Pavel Horák
Labyrint, Czech Republic, 2020

What the jury said:
“This astonishing book makes use of the disposable glossy magazine format and garish color photography of original installations to express the thrilling dynamism of urban design. The producers have produced a mega maquette of a paper town, and have generated assertive and informative text on questions of urban design and justice. Readers are positioned to look at the pages as designers considering a model of a city that they have been invited to rethink. The striking maquettes are framed by and executed with unexpected objects and presented in playful bold types to draw the reader’s attention to the constructedness of cities and therefore the potential they have for being reorganized so that they may become better for everyone."